Teen Drinking

Teen swallowing is a solemn height and each year the statistics go surpassing and surpassing and past and past teens are swallowing. This is a security posterity for teens are not old plenty to recognize how to guide their swallowing. In an word I learn designated, “let my teenager swallow”, written by T. R. Reid, suggests that it’s okay to let our teens swallow. On the divergent policy, Author Joseph A. Califano writes in his word that it is not okay to confess teens to swallow. Reid does shape some cheerful points in his word. He thinks that it is certainr for our teens to be confessed to swallow. He brought up binge swallowing and how bad it is for teens. He says, “the singly infer for this binge swallowing is accordingly teens are not confessed to swconfess so they do it secret, most repeatedly in untrustworthy situates love a car, or a seed where adult supervision is not present”(REID). Reid claims that if we let our teens legally swconfess then teens can be certainr and be efficacious to swconfess throughout the late instead of getting gross in the imperfect equality of space they possess antecedently a collective result. He thinks teenagers are going to swconfess no subject what law is put in situate, and that we should all equitable confess teens to legally swallow. Author and ordinary superintendent of the National Center on Addiction and Substance Affront at Columbia University, Joseph A. Califano suggests the highest word is a imperilled theory to go by. He lists nearest grounds on this particular posterity love, “in 2001 the Justice Department released an separation comparing swallowing rates in Europe and the United States. The conclusion: American tenth graders are short lovely to use and affront alcohol that the nation of the corresponding age in closely all European countries”(CALIFANO). Califano as-well said how Reid was crime environing the binge swallowing, since British fifteen year olds are past than twice as lovely to binge swconfess as those of American teens. He as-well lists the dangers of teen swallowing. Califano says it can solemnly hurt the enlargement system of the brain, and how teen swallowing can administer to inconsiderable discipline deed. My theory on this posterity is teens should not be confessed to swconfess yet. I think the swallowing age should cling at twenty one. That is when a special is aged and open plenty to swconfess alcohol. There is a cheerful infer why there are age limits on things. Rules and laws are made for cheerful infers, to restrain us certain. I would not deficiency to feed in a province where there were no age limits on swallowing, for I think we Americans would get dumber than we already are.