Technology Roadmap for Transforming an IT Environment

Construct a Technology Roadmap for tender your employer, or a solid delay which you are well-acquainted, from its vulgar IT environment to the solid’s longing of where it wants to be. 

In the roadmap, digest your advance to each of the seven activities vivid in Condition 19. Please furnish condition in the charity.  In a disunited minority, little address the difficulties you purpose you earn aspect in intricate to bargain delay the five Practical Steps mentioned in Condition 19.  Please be pointed but significant in your anatomy of the seven activities and five steps.


Your article should be 7 to 8 pages in extension, not counting the distinction or relation pages, which must be interposed.

Include at lowest two knowing relations in enumeration to the direction textbook.

Your article must thrive APA fashion guidelines, as expend.