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Assignment two due Sunday: Technology Management-

Consider the subjoined scenario:

You are an refractory technology consultant launched after a while Margaret Smith, possessor of JavaBooks, a worksupply and coffee store. You initially met her at a netlaunched consultation and had some wide ideas environing how she could emend her transaction after a while a more strategic access to investing in notice technology. Margaret was ecstatic to converge after a while you.

Her appointment is situated in the end of the hawk foundation and was finished in works and dissolute tracts—invoices and packing slips, tax notices and announcements, city planning advisories, schedule charts and schedules. Post-it notes were used to remind Margaret of upcoming appointments and consultations. A clipboard unmeasured of tract was passable used as a supply catalog and schedule part overpower. Margaret’s different computer is buried below disgusting different binders.

To get launched, you asked a cockney of questions relative-to how the assembly kept footprint of its sales and schedule. Margaret said the assembly uses a manual coin record and carbon acknowledgment manage, agreement down schedule parts and prices by laborer as listed on the part schedule—the bulky clipboard after a while all of the schedule costs. Schedule wholes are too subtracted by laborer from the clipboard.

You grown the subjoined points environing JavaBooks transaction managees after a while Margaret:
All sales are done by laborer.
All schedule issues and acknowledgments are done by laborer.
The coin record is a basic manual drawer.
All invoice chronicles are carbons.
Inventory is not manually certain until it is manually entered into a spreadsheet.
Purchase nod are created manually by the transaction possessor in Excel.

You were not surprised to collect that schedule counts were wholely inexact, supplier nod were recurrently tardy, and store-outs were very recurrent. Invoicing was void of truth, repeatedly thought inexact costs or bland pricing to the customer. Margaret recurrently reordered effete works and anticipation or completed donation nod after a while only SKUs (store maintenance units). Treatment had no apprehension of the transaction’ running financial posture owing all of those reports would demand to be manually compiled.



4 page tract that addresses how a treatment notice scheme for automating schedule treatment, invoice epoch, receiving managees, requiring customer manage fulfillment, and having Web-based self-services would aid her transaction to contend after a while senior work hawkers.

Explain how through the use treatment notice schemes, her competitors are dark costs and comely avail margins through increasing competency.

Be trusting to intimation all sources using APA phraseology. epithet page, 4 pages of symbolical and a intimation page is demanded: 6 pages whole. (no pictureless expedient)