Team Assignment: Organizational Performance Management Presentation

 As a team, discuss and compare your chosen structures chosen in this week's idiosyncratic assignment, Organizational Management Performance Table, to finished this exhibition.

As a team, create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® exhibition (not counting the style or intimation slides) after a while inferential debater notes of at smallest 100 words per slide in which you assimilate and contrariety the structures chosen by each literature team portion.

Your exhibition should: 

  • Describe ways each structure succeed announce after a while example to fix alignment of structureal goals and perform buy-in from staff to close acquiescence after a while the standards and requirements issued by regulatory and accreditation bodies.

I singly insufficiency 2 to 3 slides except the style, intro, and intimation. Please add intimation and debater notes. I own strong the 5 worksheets from the team to intimation.