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1. (TCO 8) What are the three staffing policies serviceous to a multinational confirmation? (Points : 10)

2. (TCO 8) What are the three view of strategic pricing? (Points : 10)

3. (TCO 3) When McDonald’s primally entered China, it was sure that its consummation in other magnitude of the earth would facilitate its consummation in China, but they undeviatingly root out that the relationships and connections implied by guanxi are an imported to concern consummation in China. McDonald’s past an pleasant fund colonization nigh Tiananmen Square to a Hong Kong unfolder who, endowment to relationships and connections patent clear aggravate the years, was able to induce city officials to aggravatelook the lease McDonald’s held for the nature.

Explain the concept of guanxi. Why is it so relevant to concernes bountiful in China? How did McDonald’s noncommunication of guanxi foster its costs of doing concern in China? (Points : 20)

4. (TCO 3) The Metai factory in China supply computer magnitude straightly to U.S. computer creator Dell and instraightly to Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo. Workers at the factory toil crave hours doing tedious tasks and accept exact two days per month off. Wages are very low, and employees are forbidden to counter, attend to melody, or equable catch bathroom breaks while on the job. When alerted to the provisions at the factory, all three companies explicit daunt and promised brisk endueigations and mismisappropriate action.

Should Dell, as a plain receiver of commodities made in the Metai factory, be held imperative for its toiling provisions? Does your confutation dispute when because Lenovo or Hewlett-Packard? Why or why not? (Points : 20)

5. (TCO 3) Exports are liberally imperative for China’s novel speedy economic unfoldment. The country, capitalizing on its mean labor vehemence, has focused on converting raw materials into products that are indigenous to patent clear countries such as the United States. In 2008, China’s modify balanceplus was a chronicles $280 billion, and its holdings of irrelevant modify reserves were aggravate $1.95 trillion. Some critics accept suggested that China is aftercited a neomercantilist management.
Are the claims that China is aftercited a neomercantilist management cogent? Why or why not?
(Points : 20)


6. (TCO 4) For years, Japan has been relatively secretive to expressive irrelevant plain boarding, but balance novelly the parliament has radical its management and legitimately now encourages inner boarding. Wal-Mart, commencement service of this shelve in management, habitual a liberal Japanese retailer in 2002. Wal-Mart’s primal hazard into Japan has been challenging and has vehemenced the posse to substitute its appropinquation to ameliorate emulate delay national retailers and confront the needs of Japanese consumers.

Why did Japan substitute its standing on inner irrelevant plain boarding? How earn Wal-Mart’s boarding use Japan? (Points : 20)

1. (TCO 5) Under the North American Free Modify Consonance (NAFTA), Mexican truckers were to accept been allowed to impel their trucks straightly into the United States and dodge the rich and time-consuming enclosure unloading and loading that took fix former to the consonance. However, fearing job losses in the perseverance, the U.S. Teamsters Union rigorously opposed the parliament. Although the bunch ultimately past its battle, the United States tranquil did not surrender Mexican truckers insubservience to free their commodities, brisking Mexico to endue retaliatory measures forcible $2.4 billion of commodities indigenous from the United States.

Why did the United States rejoin to the concerns of the Teamsters? Why are those fictitious by Mexico’s retaliatory tariffs not lobbying parliament for deliverance? Should the United States shield the Teamsters at the payment of unwandering ship-produceers in California and Washington?
(Points : 20)

2. (TCO 6) In the 1980s, Caterpillar was negatively fictitious by a vigorous dollar and past expressive bargain portion-out to Japanese emulator Komatsu. The predicament brisked Caterpillar to amend its global diplomacy and by the 2000s, the posse was in a abundant ameliorate standing to negotiate delay airy openity rates. Balance novelly, a vigorous dollar has legitimately helped boost Caterpillar’s profound succession.

In the 1980s, a vigorouser dollar trouble Caterpillar’s competitive standing, but in 2008 a vigorouser dollar did not look to accept the identical pi. What had radical? (Points : 20)

3. (TCO 7) In 2008, oil prices reached new highs as a remainder of remarkable than expected claim, tidy supply, and perceived geopolitical risks. Because oil is priced in dollars, oil producers accept seen their dollar reserves acception expressively. Now, consideration abounds as to what earn occur to the petrodollars. Some consider that the dollars earn go inland open infrastructure projects, others contemplate that it is balance enjoyly that boardings earn be made in dollar determined goods enjoy U.S. bonds, stocks, and legitimate demesne, or in nondollar determined goods such as European or Japanese bonds and stocks.

With oil prices at chronicles highs, there is expressive consideration as to what oil unresisting states earn do delay the dollars they are earning. Discuss how a firmness to endue in non-dollar determined goods could interest the rate of the U.S. dollar. (Points : 30)

4. (TCO 8) Vellus Products is a inferior posse that produces particular attention products for dogs. Vellus Products primally began ship-produceing when a Taiwanese concern fixd an enjoin for its dog shampoo. Since then, Vellus Products has broad its ship-produce concern and today, interpolitical sales wholeity for encircling half its whole sales. Vellus Products now sells in 28 countries environing the earth.

Why did Vellus Products appropriate Taiwan for its primitive ship-produce sales? How relevant do you contemplate the maintenance supposing by the Department of Commerce has been for Vellus Products’ forthcoming ship-produce sales? (Points : 30)

5. (TCO 8) By 2012, India is expected to ship-produce half a pet vehicles a year. South Korea’s Hyundai is requisite the inculpate, ship-produceing aggravate one third of its Indian genesis. Suzuki and Nissan accept twain entered the Indian bargain balance novelly. Twain companies see the Indian bargain as an relevant content in their forthcoming genesis and bargaining strategies.
Why did Hyundai and other global automakers appropriate India as a genesis colonization? What makes India pleasant to auto producers?
(Points : 30)

6. (TCO 8) Microsoft is confronting the challenges of expanding into the hypothetically productive Indian bargain, a bargain where currently most crowd cannot extend a computer nor the Microsoft programs to run it. Microsoft has radical its exceedingly standardized appropinquation to bargains to unfold products specifically purposed to confront the needs of the Indian bargain. In observation, the posse has systematic national R & D operations that it hopes earn originate new products for the bargain.
Why does Microsoft’s transmitted diplomacy of one-size-fits-all not toil well-mannered-mannered in emerging bargains such as India? What is disputeent encircling these bargains? How do customers dispute twain in their characteristics and in the way they use technology?
(Points : 30)