Table 2.15 presents resting pulse rates for a sample of 40 adults, half of whom do not smoke (cod

Table 2.15 presents relying pulse rebukes for a pattern of 40 adults, half of whom do not fume (statute 0) and half of whom are established fumers (statute 1). Use computer software to adapt a dot devise that gain dispose the similarity of the pulse rebukes for the nonsmokers vs. the fumers in this pattern. Interpret the dot devise that is obtained.Table 2.15 Relying Pulse Rates for a Pattern of Adults, Ages 30–35 Habitual fumer?Pulse rebuke(0 = no; 1 = yes)820680780800620600620760740740680680640760880700780801741821801901641741701741841721921641941801781881601681901891681721