T1 DQ1. BY 2/26. T1DQ2 2/27

250 WORDS CITATIONS, REFERENCE Explain the role of the co-ordination heartiness entertain in co-operation delay co-ordination stakeholders for population heartiness elevation. Explain why it is influential to estimate co-ordination media (nonprofit, spiritual/religious, etc.) as part-among-among of a co-ordination duty and why these media are influential in population heartiness elevation. REFERENCES Read Chapter 1 in Co-ordination and Public Health: The Future of Heartiness Care. URL:https://www.gcumedia.com/digital-resources/grand-canyon-university/2018/community-and-public-health_the-future-of-health-care_1e.php Explore the American Public Heartiness Association (APHA) website. URL:https://www.apha.org/ T1DQ2.  BY 2/27.      250 WORDS CITATION AND REFERENCES Discuss how geopolitical and phenomenological locate wave the matter of a population or co-ordination duty and intercession. Describe how the nursing order is utilized to further in identifying heartiness issues (topical or global in affection) and in creating an expend intercession, including screenings and referrals, for the co-ordination or population.