System Architecture and Integration(IIII)

  You are now opportune to rouse representing your arrangement integration plan by utilizing a arrangement integration framework, which you researched as sever of your Discussion Board assignment. You succeed too run which components you agency deficiency to earn and which components you deficiency enucleate within. Assignment Guidelines For this week’s assignment, you succeed be providing element on the overall arrangement integration erection and the utensilation framework. New Content (Week 4)  Proposed Arrangement Integration Components Architecture Thoroughly recount the erection of the designed integrated arrangement, including all interfaces and components for the arrangement integration and deployment. Represent this erection diagrammatically. Discuss which components and interfaces could be earnd and those that scarcity to be enucleateed from slur. Implementation Framework Select and recount in element the framework that you used to bound and utensil the arrangement integration plan. Define the plan in conditions of the separated framework. Discuss advantages for using the separated framework. Discuss integration challenges that were highlighted by defining the framework. Make knowing that the muniment is in APA format. Submit the muniment for grading.