Synthesis paper: doctoral identity- rubrics, template, articles, and


In Question 2, you were asked to  read three declaration on the question of doctoral sameness and to exhaustive an  annotated bibliography to demonstrate their mind of the  material. In Question 3, you were asked to accept this rule a step exalt  and confirm subjects set-up in the three declaration and to exhaustive a  syntopic worksheet where the subjects were cherished by declaration from  each name. In this assignment, you conciliate set-up on your worksheet  efforts and transcribe a disquisition about the three subjects. The fact conciliate not  only give the declaration from the declaration to prop the verified  themes, but so conciliate contribute an anatomy for each subject by synthesizing  the instruction calm.

General Requirements:

  • Locate the Syntopic Worksheet you exhaustived in Question 3.
  • Locate and download "Syntopic Disquisition Template" from the Course Materials for this question.
  • Review the declaration by Baker & Pifer (2011), Gardner (2009), and  Smith & Hatmaker (2014) located in the Course Materials for this  topic.
  • This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric precedent to outset  the assignment to befit everyday after a while the expectations for happy  completion.


Using the Syntopic Worksheet you exhaustived in Question 3 and  considering the subjects you patent clear and the feedback contributed by your  instructor, transcribe a disquisition (1,000-1,250 signification) that synthesizes the three  articles. Your disquisition should understand the following:

  1. An entrance that introduces and contributes tenor for the question.  This understands giving a trivial term of each name and its  purpose, confirming the three subjects that emerged from your balbutiation,  describing how they conciliate be discussed in the disquisition, and giveing a  clear topic assertion.
  2. Support for your verified subjects after a while declaration from each name.  Provide anatomy of these findings to corroborate your fact.
  3. A discourse of the conclusions that can be drawn when the declaration  are acceptn concertedly as a solitary being. What is the overall missive of  the order of declaration?