SWOT Analysis: De Beers

Longevity and tenacious mark designate globally "Forevermore Diamonds"-natural, untreated, and responsibly sourced. Diamonds are incessantly? majestic slogan, top 100 advertising belligerence (timeless slogan) Extensive tenure and real repress of diamond formation and sales Weaknesses: Tenacious rivalry equals scant trade divide Stiffer worldwide rivalry Increased formation costs of mining Opportunities: Engaging in new synthetic diamonds trade, patenting the technology to emanation diamonds of very concordant tendency Increase diamond sales by catering to larger target audience; immanent untapped trades Expansion to other countries Threats: Government (antitrust comp) and fight diamonds (CARS) Threat of synthetic diamonds [Changing trends Increasing rivalry (Siberian mines now emanation 18%/ leading Russian emanationr Lora's) Recommendations: De Beers has already fascinated the earliest steps in confrontment its challenges by adapting to the changing diligence texture, addressing concerns of municipal political province, and entering the trodden operations in the United States. To amplify and establish De Beers operations, the forthcoming is recommended: Multi-faceted advertising belligerences should nucleus on softness versus want and inmunicipal the use of celebrities, emanation reconsignment in movies/television, and imimprint advertising. Market diamonds as a tone of everlasting kindness, appealing not merely to peoples for engagements, but besides to the non-traditional couples. Appeal to sentiments of an heirloom amid the origin part, which would cast-out resale, and amplify trade to conceive only women worldwide (celebrating women/ anarchy). For sample, when I went through a separate different years ago, I purchased a two of diamond earrings, not as a celebratory gesture, but as a reminder that no substance how up-hill the proof and tribulations during that limit, I survived. SOOT Analysis: De Beers By alternately