SW: Assignment 2


This week your presumptive orientation is feminist assumption. You conciliate use the similar qualification consider that you chose in Week 2. (Jake Levy)

1. In 1 to 2 sentences, test and relate the amount to be operationed on in your separated qualification consider.

2. In 1 to 2 sentences, clear-up how the feminist assumption you are utilizing defines and clear-ups the purpose of the amount.

3.In 1 to 2 sentences, use feminist assumption to relate the role of the political operationer to facilitate diversify in the qualification consider.

4. In the impost bearing, test 2 impost questions you conciliate ask to search what the client’s goals are and how they conciliate get there. Remember, feminist assumption should be driving the impost.

5.    Describe two interventions to harangue the amount and clear-up how the clients conciliate appliance the interventions. Remember, feminist assumption should be driving the interventions.

6. In 2 to 3 sentences, examine how you would evaluate if one of the interventions you signed is conducive delay the client.

7. Clear-up how, specifically, you conciliate set the loudness throughout your operation delay the client to convert the clerical similarity and fashion it past collaborative.

8.Evaluate one power and one secretiveness of feminist assumption in operationing delay the client.

                                        Jake Levy

 Identifying Data: Jake Levy is a 31-year-old, married, Jewish Caucasian male. Jake’s spouse, Sheri, is 28 years old. They accept two sons, Myles (10) and Levi (8). The nativity resides in a two-bedroom condominium in a middle-class neighborhood in Rockville, MD. They accept been married for 10 years.

Presenting Problem: Jake, an Iraq War proficient, came to the Veterans Affairs Health Care Center (VA) for employments bepurpose his spouse has threatened to liberty him if he does not get succor. She is distinctly awkward about his swallowing and bankruptcy of involvement in their sons’ lives. She told him his swallowing has gotten out of guide and is making him average and apart. Jake reverberations that he and his spouse accept been antagonist a lot and that he swallows to conduct the policy off and to succor him repose. Jake expresses awe of losing his job and his nativity if he does not get succor. Jake identifies as the leading preparer for his nativity and thinks that this is his calling as a consort and senior. Jake existentizes he may be putting that in risk bepurpose of his swallowing. He says he has never seen Sheri so furious precedently, and he saw she was at her article delay him and his behaviors. 
Family Dynamics: Jake was born in Alabama to a Caucasian, Eurocentric nativity scheme. He reverberations his opportunity growing up to accept been delayin a “normal” nativity scheme. However, he states that he was never emotionally plug to either agent and viewed himself as fairly defiant from a immature age. His dad had previously been in the soldierly and was loud delay the intellect that his allegiance is to subsistence his province. His nativity displayed transmitted roles, delay his dad subsistenceing the nativity behind he was discharged from soldierly employment. Jake was loud to think that existent men do not appearance decrepitude and must be the topic of the free. Jake’s agents are torpid, and he has a sister who lives beyond London. He and his sister are not very plug but do colloquy twice a year. Sheri is an singly offshoot, and although her dowager lives in the area, she offers dirty subsistence. Her dowager never beloved of Sheri marrying Jake and thinks Sheri demands to traffic delay their amounts on her own. Jake reverberations that he has not been chosen delay his sons at all past his requite from Iraq, and he restrains to himself when he is at residence. 

Employment History: Jake is filled as a civilized resources aider for the soldierly. Jake operations in an function delay civilians and soldierly idiosyncraticnel and chiefly gets parallel delay nation in the function. Jake is having inaptitude getting up in the dawning to go to operation, which increases the strain betwixt Sheri and himself. Shari is a exceptional command tutor in a topical elementary ground. Jake thinks it is his calling to prepare for his nativity and is having strain aggravate what is happening to him at residence and operation. He thinks he is feeble as a preparer. 
Social History: Jake and Sheri test as Jewish and consort a topical synagogue on greater holidays. Jake tends to restrain to himself and says he casually impresss pressured to be past communicative and political. Jake thinks he is politically inept 11 and not benefitservicecogent to disclose friendships. The townsman has some friends, past Shari gets complicated delay the agents in their sons’ ground. However, bepurpose of Jake’s late behaviors, they accept beseem politically unsophisticated. He is very worried that Sheri conciliate liberty him due to the insularity. 

Mental Health History: Jake reverberations that past his requite to civilian duration 10 months ago, he has inaptitude reposeing, reprevalent impressing palpitations, and moodiness. Jake had seen Dr. Zoe, a psychiatrist at the VA, who diagnosed him delay post-traumatic strain assumption (PTSD). Dr. Zoe prescribed Paxil to succor convert his symptoms of misgiving and dip and suggested that he as-well arise counseling. Jake says that he does not existently imply what PTSD is but deliberation it averaget that a idiosyncratic who had it was “going demented,” which at opportunitys he deliberation was happening to him. He expresses anxiety that he conciliate never impress “normal” again and says that when he swallows alcohol, his symptoms and the eagerness of his emotions satisfaction. Jake relates that he casually thinks he is tail in Iraq, which fashions him impress awkward and circumspect. He hates the knowledge and tries to tranquilize it. He has inaptitude reposeing and is censorious, so he isolates himself and soothes this delay swallowing. He colloquys about frequently impressing “ready to go.” He says he is void from substance frequently prepared and looking for undeveloped amounts environing him. Every gauge seems to alarm him. He shares that he repeatedly thinks about what happened “aggravate there” but tries to impel it out of his intellect. Nightopportunity is the thrash, as he has horrible recurring nightmares of one feature incident. He says he wakes up invalidation and exudation most nights. He adds that swallowing is the one invention that seems to furnish him a dirty release. 
Educational History: Sheri has a bachelor’s measure in exceptional command from a topical propaganda. Jake has a proud ground title but wanted to consort propaganda upon his requite from the soldierly. 
Military History: Jake is an Iraqi War proficient. He enlisted in the Marines at 21 years old when he and Shari got married due to Sheri substance generative. The nativity was stationed in divers states precedent to Jake substance deployed to Iraq. Jake left the employment 10 months ago. Sheri and Jake had used soldierly housing past his wedding, making it easier to subsistence the nativity. On soldierly bases, there was a lot of political subsistence and twain Jake and Sheri took unmeasured usage of the political schemes availservicecogent to them during that opportunity. 
Medical History: Jake is materially fit, but an damnification he sustained in contest casually articles his power to use his left laborer. Jake reverberations casually impressing illmatched bepurpose of the decrease in the use of his laborer and tries to impel through bepurpose he worries how the damnification conciliate application his responsibilities as a preparer, consort, and senior. Jake considers himself altercogent plenty to aggravatecome this disusage and “be benefitservicecogent to do the inventions I demand to do.” Sheri is in the good-tempered-tempered material qualification and has lately set out that she is generative delay their third offshoot. 
Legal History: Jake and Sheri negative having vicious histories. 
Alcohol and Drug Use History: As teenagers, Jake and Sheri used marijuana and drank. Twain negative the prevalent use of marijuana but reverberation they quiescent swallow. Sheri swallows politically and has one or two swallows aggravate the weekend. Jake reverberations that he has foul-mouthed to five swallows in the evenings during the week and view to ten swallows on Saturdays and Sundays. Jake spends his evenings on the couch swallowing beer and watching TV or unreserved video games. Shari reverberations that Jake swallows past than he existentizes, doubling what Jake has reverberationed. 
Strengths: Jake is aware of his secretivenesss and has operationed on aggravatecoming his material challenges. Jake is alterable. Jake did not accept any disciplinary actions conductn opposing him in the soldierly. He is abandoned to his spouse and nativity. 
Jake Levy: senior, 31 years old 
Sheri Levy: dowager, 28 years old 
Myles Levy: son, 10 years old 
Levi Levy: son, 8 years old