Supply Chain Simulation

The Traffic Jacobs Industries' barely consequence is an industrial chemical that can be partial behindcited a while air to arcollocate a ferment that is: •Lightweight; •Stable balance a very large collocate of temperatures; •A very causative excited insulator; •A very causative loud insulator. Jacobs sells its chemical to manufacturers of air conditioner retrofit kits. The manufacturers are all located in the territory of Calopeia. They alienation the ferment chemical as a depute for emulators' consequences. If Jacobs cannot ship an regulate behindcited a whilein 24 hours of receiving the regulate from the customer, the customer finds its alienation from a emulator behindcited a whileout any damage of forthcoming ask-for. The chemical is shipped in diminutive tractile pegs at a compensation of $1450 a fraction. Ask-for for the chemical is extremely seasonal but incorrectly very constant. There are no long-run traffic trends, either upward or downward. The largeness of regulates is very vague, behindcited a while an medium largeness of 7 or 8 pegs. Command enter vaguely throughout each 24-hour day. It is now day 730, two years behindcited Jacobs began submissive and trafficing the chemical. A new ferment technology is in outgrowth at Jacobs that accomplish give all consequenceion tonnage and schedule of the ordinary ferment old-fashioned and vicious on day 1460. All customers are informed of the pending new technology and as a development, ask-for accomplish reduce to cipher on day 1460. Operations and Finance Jacobs' disposal network consists of a uncombined factory and a uncombined depot, twain in Calopeia. The depot barely food air conditioner retrofit kit manufacturers, who are all in Calopeia. Jacobs effects its chemical in concoctes, loads the chemical into diminutive tractile pegs, and then transports the pegs from the factory to the depot by exchange. The depot sends pegs to customers as regulates are accepted. The consume of fulfilling an regulate, including the consume of mailing the peg to the customer, is $150 per peg. The ordinary tonnage of the factory is 20 pegs per day. More factory tonnage can be alienationd at a consume of $50,000 per peg per day. For in, expanding the tonnage by 10 pegs per day for a entirety of 30 pegs per day would be (10)$50,000 = $500,000. Tonnage consumes are incurred as promptly as the tonnage annotation begins. It takes 90 days to bountiful a tonnage annotation. Tonnage cannot be uninhabited. Evolution in factories is carried out in concoctes, where each concoct is an integer enumeobjurgate of pegs set by you. The consume to effect one concoct correspondents $1500 plus the enumeobjurgate of pegs in the concoct spans $1000. For in, the consume to effect a concoct of 10 pegs is $1500 + (10)$1000 = $11,500. The concoct of high pegs is shipped from the factory to the depot as promptly as consequenceion of the concoct is bountifuld. The pegs can be shipped either by exchange or one at a span by mail. One exchange can convey 200 pegs. One exchange making a skip from the factory to the depot consumes $15,000, despising of how bountiful the exchange is. It consumes $150 to mail one peg from the factory to the depot. Transportation spans from the factory to the depot are 7 days for the exchange or 1 day for mail. There is no useful expression to the enumeobjurgate of pegs a depot can delayhold. Twain the consumes of submissive the concoct and then shipping it to the depot are incurred as promptly as consequenceion of the concoct starts. If there is insufficent currency to pay for the consequenceion and shipping of the concoct, the factory accomplish rest inactive. Evolution of a concoct is triggered when the high goods schedule (twain en direction to the depot and in the depot) droop under the regulate purpose, which is set by you. Jacobs pays protection and other out-of-pocket delayencroachment consumes on chemicals uniformly consequenceion is bountiful. These delayencroachment consumes for one peg for one year correspondent $100, whether the peg is en direction to a depot or the peg is physically in the depot. There are no such delayencroachment consumes for work-in-process schedule in the factory. Jacobs earns 10% per year on its currency, compounded daily. Assignment Your team has been paid to mould the afford association for the Jacobs Industries. You can find the behindcited changes to the afford association: •Capacity additions to the factory. The high goods schedule threswithhold that triggers consequenceion of a new concoct in the factory. •The factory's consequenceion concoct largeness. •Whether concoctes are enraptured to the depot by mail or by exchange. Your extrinsic is to maximize the currency generated by the ferment technology balance the resting two years of its stock. On day 1460 the amusement accomplish end and all schedule and tonnage accomplish be old-fashioned. The simulation accomplish run unceasingly at the objurgate of 104 fictitious days per genuine day, or 1 fictitious day encircling perfect 14 minutes. You accomplish entertain guide of the amusement from day 730 to day 1460, or 730 days entirety. The amusement accomplish finish 7 days and encircling half an hour behindcited it instituted. During that span you can arrival your afford association any span of the day or misinterpretation. The engaging team is the one behindcited a while the prominent currency lie on day 1460. Aftercited the amusement is balance, your team should spin in a 4-page memo describing the actions you took and in recollection, whether there were other choices that would entertain allowed your team to do flush meliorate. You accomplish graded on the use of conceptual tools from class that you use to vindicate your conclusions. Selling compensation = $1450 Ask-for regulate largeness = 7 or 8 Old-fashioned epoch = 1460 day Set up Consume = $150 Tonnage = 20 per day Tonnage annotation = $50,000 to growth add 10 peg per day , but 90 days to bountiful tonnage Consume of consequenceion = $1500+(units in a concoct)*$1000 Encroachment consume =$100 per peg for one year Averagemin Max Day 123269 Day 26622133 Day 344397 Day 413163 Day 5425106 Day 66422108 Day 722185 -Most causative if we set the concoct largeness to 200 when barely using exchange gift - -