Supplemental Reading Post. Please follow all steps and directions. Choose two articles from the ones provided and then on your own choose an article from the internet.

  Each module comprehends a Supplemental Reading Shaft where wards must surrender one shaft per week. The sight of the shaft is for the ward to depict the lessons literary in the representative which they think applies to their government history forward. Critique of the representative is also gratifying. Each week wards achieve: Be asked to dilate on two of the parts (Items include journal catechism and videos) in the Supplemental Reading Shaft module Find an academic peer-reviewed time congruous to one of the parts to add to their shaft. Some modules possess as abundant as 10 parts to appropriate from, but you merely insufficiency to dilate on two parts.  The shaft should be in the construct of a uncompounded line delay all of the topics included in the one line. The line should comprehend three to five sentences per part and possess an added PDF account of the ward’s new time added. If there are twain catechism and videos, a ward should appropriate one of each.  In the contingency you merely confront catechism and no videos, you do two catechism and crime versa. A specimen shaft achieve be granted in the original Supplemental Reading Post. Expectations:  The approach diffusiveness of a response: 6-10 sentences (3-5 sentences per part (article/video). Students are not required to rejoin to other ward’s shafts. Each forum is merely profitable for the dates listed in the forum. All shafts are due by Sunday at 11:59 PM of the week of the module.  Posts are excellence two points each. Students achieve be evaluated on their ability to localize the concepts presented in the citation to interpret how these catechism and videos inconstruct their government history forward. Grades achieve normally be shafted delayin 5 days.   Feedback for the Supplemental Reading Shaft achieve be granted when the ward is not on mark. Emailed submissions achieve not be original. No clump effort is required. No addments! Use the interval granted on the consultation to transcribe or paste your shaft.