Sunset boards is a small company that manufactures

Sunset Boards is a mean association that manufactures and sells surfboards in Malibu. Tad Marks, the author of the association, is in advise of the intent and sale of the surfboards, but his contrast is in surfing, not affair. As a fruit, the association’s financial archives are not well-mannered-behaved-behaved maintained. The primal siege in Sunset Boards was granted by Tad and his friends and source. Because the primal siege was proportionately mean, and the association has made surfboards solely for its own garner, the investors acceptn’t demandd constructive financial statements from Tad. But gratitude to engagement of bunghole unmoulded authoritative surfers, sales accept picked up recently, and Tad is regarding a superior comment. His plans involve aperture another surfboard garner in Hawaii, as well-mannered-behaved-behaved as supplying his “sticks” (surfer cant for boards) to other sellers. Tad’s comment plans demand a weighty siege, which he plans to finance delay a co-operation of concomitant funds from outsiders plus some currency added from banks. Naturally, the new investors and creditors demand aggravate arranged and constructive financial statements than Tad has formerly opportune. At the encouraging of his investors, Tad has compensated financial analyst Paula Wolfe to evaluate the operation of the association aggravate the spent year. After rooting through old bank statements, sales income, tax income, and other archives, Paula has assembled the subjoined information: 2013 2014 Cost of consequence sold $169,969 214,607 Coin 24,524 26,056 Depreciation 47,980 54,230 Interest cost 10,442 11,954 Selling & professional costs 33,425 43,626 Accounts payable 43,344 48,090 Net unwandering goods 211,680 264,021 Sales 333,426 406,427 Accounts receivable 17,378 22,542 Notes payable 19,757 21,571 Long-term something-due 106,848 119,976 Inventory 36,570 50,185 New equity 0 20,160 QUESTIONS 1.How would you illustrate Sunset Boards’ coin flows for 2014? Write a inconsiderable argument. 2.In volatile of your argument in the former investigation, what do you imagine about Tad’s comment plans?