summary writing

   You procure deficiency to prime and cater a digest of a culmination of five catechism. Three of the catechism procure be garbage akin stories that show in the fresh tidings. The other two catechism procure be peer-reviewed or-laws catechism that are garbage akin.  Requirements: 1. Title, doer, proclamation determination, and attach to condition caterd. 2. Condition must be from fresh tidings (no over than three catechism) or a peer-reviewed condition (no over than two catechism). 3. An pristine digest (100-200 vote), tender on key points of the condition. 4. All catechism must be garbage-akin and trustworthy.  Grading: Grading procure be manufactured on an all-or-none cause. There procure be no inequitable points awarded. If your condition digest contains all inevitable accommodation, you procure entertain praise for the condition. However, if your condition is damage any of the required components, no praise procure be awarded. Identifying a Peer Reconsideration Article: In public, one way to enumerate if a tract is a peer reconsideration or-laws condition is if it contains a compute of key individualitys, such as an Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, and Reference individuality. For the object of this assignment, reconsideration tracts, theory tracts, editorial/commentary tracts, etc. procure not be genuine. Template 1) Title: ________________________________________________________________ Author(s): _______________________________________________________________ Publication determination: _________________ Article fashion (prime one): Fresh tidings or peer-reviewed condition? Summary: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Link to condition: ___________________________________________________________