sub urban homes 2

Individual Assignment (suggested roll of effort: 3 hours) Continuing delay the Suburban Homes Construction Project fact examine endow at the end of portion 6 (and retrospecting anterior portions 1 through 5), CPM 4e, thorough the subjoined special assignment: (20 points) Stakeholder identification and prioritization matrix (Exhibit 6-2) (20 points) Stakeholder Matrix (Exhibit 6-4) (20 points) Stakeholder Engagement Matrix (Exhibit 6-5) (20 points) Communication Matrix (Exhibit 6-9) (20 points) Mechanics You accomplish be assessed on resigned and mechanics. Content (80 points):  The resigned must be grounded on the fact examine materials and balbutiation assignments.  The PMBOK 6e and CPM 4e, parallel delay other creditable instrument can be used to appendix the responses through summarizing, paraphrasing and quoting those sources. Each matrix should be thriveed by a argument of the matrix and how to use/interpret it.   Mechanics (20 points):  The sum assignment elongation should be at last 3 pages, not to excel 4 pages.  This is not an academic paper, hence you do not need to thrive APA guidelines.  You should retrospect the assignment rubric in Moodle to determine that you displan all aspects of each element to this assignment. Your Instructor accomplish use Turn-it-in to determine your paper is true effect. To eschew plagiarism, see the plan settlement page for past instruction and use the Purdue Online Adaptation Lab to imbibe how to paraphrase, digest and summon the references you use in all academic adaptation assignments.