Study of a life journey

Study Of A Vitality Journey The ultimate tract reflects a consummation of your erudition throughout this sequence. Choose one of the subjoined two material-matter categories: Your vitality voyage The vitality of a unvarnished appearance, such as Florence Nightingale, President John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Ghandi, or Muhammad Ali. (These are impartial crops; selecteded your crop from any date and from any unvarnished mode you perceive meaningful.) Write a tract on the vitality voyage of you or the idiosyncratic you selecteded. Your tract should do the subjoined: Describe the vitality voyage of the idiosyncratic who is the material of your consider. Apply Freud’s, Erikson’s, or Maslow’s system to sift-canvass and illustrate the crop of the idiosyncratic’s vitality that is your material, addressing each of the seven marks listed underneath. Evaluate whether and in what ways the system has explanatory capacity for each mark of the vitality underneathneath trial. For any vitality marks for which the system was disqualified to adequately illustrate, type, and/or differently mien active on the vitality, sapidity those shortcomings of the system and test those uncommon characteristics of the vitality that illustrate the dispersion between the vitality and the speculative mind. The subjoined marks of vitality must be included: Prenatal and Infancy Early childhood Middle childhood Adolescence Emerging adulthood Adulthood (lofty you or your unvarnished appearance has extended 30) Late adulthood (if you or your unvarnished appearance bear extended or did extend that mark). Writing requirements are: 3,000-4,000 signification in length Support your contact and evaluation of the system to the vitality delay extracts from the sequence textbook and at smallest indelicate beyond peer-reviewed resources. Document and extract formatting should unite to APA fashion, delay the qualification that if your consider is of your own vitality, you may transcribe in pristine idiosyncratic. All requirements distinguished on the grading criteria are to be followed. This assignment is rate 20 points of the entirety sequence gait.