Study Assignment 6

  Historical Simulation You are started as a unromantic consultant for a video amusement genesis gang that is ardent in making its unromantic mannerism amusements plausibly accurate as courteous as juicy. The general scheme is a "kingdom-building" amusement in which the player uplifts and maintains a tangled aver domiciled on a real-life unromantic attribute. The player must observe mark of things such as dealing, soldierlike threats, divine issues, interdiplomatic kindred, and general feeling in ordain to uplift a participation that is lucky, guard, permanent, and merry. This week's section to be designed: Ceylon. Your labor is to transcribe a illiberal noise (2-3 pages estimate of double-spaced citation delay culm fonts and margins) describing and explaining some the subjoined attributes that should be interposed in any amusement in which a player takes the role as the chief of Ceylon in the interval continuance 1000-1500 C.E. Transcribe in total, grammatically set-right sentences and in portion construct – do not produce lists or bulleted points. Transcribe on AT LEAST THREE of the subjoined: 1. Important upliftings that a player should be conducive to uplift (e.g., divine, cultural, economic, etc.) and why. 2. Dealing property institute in Ceylon's markets, where they conclude from, and why the amusement should comprise them. 3. Important technologies that had an result on Ceylon in the continuance and what the results were. 4. Interdiplomatic or exterior events (e.g., wars, dealing, temperature patterns) that fictitious the clime and what the results were. 5. Particular things that would produce a adherent general or ungeneral in that interval and attribute. This succeed insist-upon some humor, or at meanest some theory domiciled on notice in the citationbook. The "Sources From the Past" excerpts succeed be available, as succeed the condition on the Silk Roads. Observe it as specious as practicable (not "they should possess muniment guns") and as particular as practicable (not "there should be religion").