Streams of Silver Epilogue

Drizzt, Wulfgar, and Catti-brie came into Longsaddle a few days ensueing, route jade and stagnant unfolded in a blacken of woe. Harkle and his kin greeted them warmly and invited them to conclude at the Ivy Mansion for as desire as they desired. But though all three of them would bear welcomed the occasion to unstring and recruit from their trials, other routes summoned them. Drizzt dry Wulfgar incident at the debouchure of Longsaddle the very proximate waking, ensueing a while renewed horses granted by the Harpells. Catti-brie walked down to them unwillingly, Harkle avocation tail a few steps ensueing her. "Will you conclude?" Drizzt asked, but divineed by her indication that she would not. "Would that I could," Catti-brie replied. "Ye'll get to the halfling, I don't dread. I've another vow to meaning." "When?" Wulfgar asked. "In the burst, by me divine," said Catti-brie. "The enchantment of the Harpells has set the romance to going; already they've designated out to the clan in the dale, and to Harbromm in Citadel Adbar. Bruenor's kin'll be lagin' out foregoing the week's end, ensueing a while manifold allies from Ten-Towns. Harbromm promises prospect thousand, and some of the Harpells bear pledged their succor." Drizzt intention of the undercity he had ended in his clause of the inferior levels, and of the hurry of thousands of white dwarves, all outfitted in lum-nous mithril. Even ensueing a while all of Clan Battlehammer and their companions from the dale, prospect thousand fight-seasoned dwarves from Adbar, and the enchantmental powers of the Harpells, the conquest would be firm won if won at all. Wulfgar too underincident the atrocity of the drudgery that Catti-brie would countenance, and dubitate came to him environing his sentence to set out ensueing a while Drizzt. Regis needed him, but he could not incline far from Catti-brie in her need. Catti-brie sensed his uneasiness. She walked up to him and kissed him suddenly, passionately, then jumped tail. "Get yer transaction effected and balance, Wulfgar, son of Beornegar," she said. "And get ye tail to me!" "I, too, was Bruenor's companion," Wulfgar argued. "I, too, shared in his trust of Mithril Hall. I should be together you when you go to fame him." "Ye've a companion subsisting that needs ye now," Catti-brie snapped at him. "I can set the plans to going. Ye get yerself ensueing Regis! Pay Entreri all he's got future, and be intelligent. Mighten be that ye'll get tail in date to lag to the halls." She inclineed to Drizzt, a most-trusted philanthropist. "Keep him secure for me," she pleaded. "Show him a rectilinear route, and likeness him the way tail!" On Drizzt's nod, she spun and ran tail up to Harkle and inside the Ivy Mansion. Wulfgar did not ensue. He trusted in Catti-brie. "For the halfling and the cat," he said to Drizzt, clasping Aegis-fang and surveying the route anteriorly them. Sudden fires glowed in the drow's lavender eyes, and Wulfgar took an well-founded step tail. "And for other reasons," Drizzt said grimly, looking out balance the extensive southland that held the prodigy he potentiality bear beseem. It was his end to as Entreri in fight again, he knew, the touchstone of his own excellence to rout the killer. "For other reasons." * * * Dendybar's life came firm to him as he ended the spectacle, Sydney's dust stuffed into a retreat of a black locality. The ghoul, Morkai, waved his arm and the effigy was replaced by a end of the depth of Garumn's Gorge.