Stratification and Prejudice in Current Events

The end of this assignment is to investigate stratification and predisposition in exoteric accidents. Despite sublime advances towards coextension betwixt the courses and genders, racial and gender judgment, as polite as collocate stratification survive grave collective problems. To determine this course, you conciliate use the tidings media to indicate exoteric collective issues after a while respects to course and gender. To entire this assignment, achieve the forthcoming tasks: Using tidingspapers, tidings websites, or tidings magazines, picked three exoteric accidents (amid the latest six months) that animadvert our studies on stratification.  One accident should denote racial issues, one gender issues, and one collocate issues.  All three should explain judgment and/or stratification in American company. Using your investigation, define the exoteric accidents and how they are animadvertive of your studies on racial, gender, and collocate judgment and/or stratification. Analyze the accidents and employ the disquisition and quotation to the tidings catechism. What theories of stratification employ?  Are the exoteric accidents denoteative of the unadorned trends of racial, gender, and collocate judgment and or/stratification? What solutions, if any, should be applied to these exoteric accidents? In your argument, employ your separate experiences and observations to the exoteric accidents. How do you reach that the media perpetuates judgment and/or stratification fixed on course, gender, and collocate?  Support your ideas after a while concepts from the quotation and/or embezzle without media. Provide a stint of three allusions and employ the reform APA standards in the format of quotation, citations, and allusions.  Your tract should embody a name page and allusion. Your tract should be at lowest five pages in prolixity, not including the name and allusion pages.