Strategic principles of consensus organizing

The Strategic Principles of Accord Organizing

Can you counsel populace how to be strategic? It’s a scrutiny that trainers and counselers repeatedly ask as they vestibule a new inoculation program or a classroom generous of severe faces. Thinking strategically and pragmatically is the hallmark of a good-natured-natured accord organizer. Accord organizing is established on various key strategic principles that are the great beliefs and values that superintend the implementation of the standard and its activities. These principles also direct the philosophy and the aspect following the accord organizing vestibule. As accord organizers start to invade a commonwealth, these principles are at the foreface of their minds as their organizing strategy admits pattern. This passage explains these principles and why they are great to accord organizing.

Table 3.1 summarizes the five centre strategic principles of accord organizing (Consensus Organizing Institute, n.d.).

Table 3.1 Strategic Principles of Accord Organizing

Strategic PrincipleKey StrategiesExample
Solutions to national problems should follow from unsupposable communities.
  • Strategies and objectives are set by the commonwealth.
  • Inmunicipal commonwealth’s strong gregarious networks.
  • Analyze and confirm special self-interests and reciprocal commonwealth interests and construct relationships established on those interests.
Residents carry new wrong problems to the regard of the national police and ask for coadjutorship in enucleateing a wrong observe program. The national police product delay residents to enucleate a vicinity observe. Relationships are built inchoate residents and the police.
Pragmatic example is exhibit in communities, though not frequently symmetrical.
  • Identify expectationed, respected, following-the-scenes bringers.
  • Position bringers to admit once for endeavor.
  • Build bringers’ skills and dependence to abound.
An older dowager to whom youthful mothers transform for parenting acceleration.

A counseler who stays behind amplify hours to acceleration his students delay their studies.

Self-interest can be harnessed as a motivation for neat the thrift of communities.
  • Analyze and confirm the interests of members of manifest effectiveness erection (e.g., convention, love-of-mankind, municipal, gregarious advantage).
  • Position them to compel sincere contributions aligned delay their and the commonwealth’s interests.
A national origin manager who has $1 favorite to correct housing in national disastrous vicinitys, but who does not accept relationships delay commonwealth-established makes located in those vicinitys.
If a contrivance achieves its short-term goals delayout situationing the participants to compel flush superior compels in the coming, then an opening has been missed.
  • Position commonwealth bringers to admit the bring on contrivances.
  • Use short-term contrivances to construct commonwealth’s skills and relationships delay effectiveness erection to lay the origin for further embracing endeavors.
A vicinity cleanup that constructs relationships inchoate residents and inchoate residents and the city can bring to new opportunities, such as correctd order enforcement and the rehab of dilapidated housing in cleanup area.
Building relationships and strategically situationing bringers to compel a program product requires date, anxiety, and swindle.
  • Understand and compel expectation of bringers of the commonwealth and effectiveness erection.
  • Break down stereotypes and misperceptions that commonwealth and effectiveness erection accept of one another.
  • Invest the date up face to situation bringers of the commonwealth and effectiveness erection to enucleate sincere strategic partnerships.


Going to churches, agencies, and commonwealth make parleys, and parley residents one-on-one in their homes. Attending national housing symposiums, city convention parleys, and berth of intercourse parleys, as well-behaved-behaved as parley one-on-one delay members of the manifest effectiveness erection.