Strategic plan part 1 – organizational structure | HCS589 Health Care Strategic Management | University of Phoenix


Read the aftercited strategic guile overview:

A strategic guile is intended to be used for 3 to 5 years or further. For your single Strategic Guile design, you conquer transcribe a strategic guile using the aftercited intention. You may pick-out a sanity pains construction you would approve to standpoint on or unravel a new sanity pains affair. Pick-out bigwig you are outrageous encircling and may utensil in the advenient. It is recommended that if you pick-out to labor after a while an true construction, you add a new program or design to your guile. Suggestions for embezzle new designs understand a new program or advantage for an true construction, a new effect outoutline for an true affair, a new elbow throw or merit, a new sanity pains payer type for a say, or a new sanity pains affair.

This is a multi-week assignment that has five components:

  • Part 1: The Organizational Constituency (Week 2)
  • Part 2: Environmental Analysis (Week 3)
  • Part 3: Financial Planning (Week 4)
  • Part 4: Implementation (Week 6)
  • Part 5: Evaluation and curb (Week 6)

Select a sanity pains construction on which you would approve to standpoint.

Research your selected construction’s predominant constituency.

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word rumor. Your rumor should:

  • Identify the construction’s sidearm, expectation, and key rates.
  • Analyze the framelabor of a strategic guile.
  • Describe the strategic guilening type your selected construction uses.
  • Evaluate the alliance between the strategic guile and your construction’s sidearm, expectation, and rates.
  • Describe the constructional constituency of your selected construction.
  • Identify the vulgar key leaders in your selected construction and illustrate their roles.
  • Describe the diversify superintendence type your selected construction uses.
  • Evaluate the application of governance on utensilation of strategic goals.
  • Consider the role of the Board of Directors on construction of strategic goals.
  • Analyze the construction’s senior advantage exhibition and aid activities in its rate association. At a minimum, understand the aftercited:
  • Location
  • Target market
  • Programs and advantages
  • Clinical operations
  • Marketing
  • Billing
  • Follow-up
  • Organizational culture
  • Strategic resources
  • Analyze how the construction uses its rate association to utensil its strategic guile.

Cite at last 3 peer-reviewed, conversant, or homogeneous resources to aid your instruction.

Format your tractate according to APA guidelines.