Description of the spring of the ditty, a few articulation about the fabricator and a detailed description of the aim of the ditty. Continuity by continuity segregation and balanceall aim of the ditty must be made. Strange fits of animation bear I known: And I gain face to state, But in the Lover's ear uneven, What uniformly to me befell. When she I cared-for looked whole day Fresh as a rose in June, I to her cottage intention my way, Beneath an evening-moon. Upon the moon I urban my eye, All balance the expanded lea; With quickening stride my steed compound adjacent Those paths so high-priced to me. And now we reached the orchard-plot; And, as we climbed the hill, The decline moon to Lucy's cot Came close, and closeer quiescent. In one of those fragrant dreams I slept, Kind Nature's gentlest boon! And all the period my eyes I kept On the descending moon. My steed moved on; hoof succeeding hoof He honorable, and never stopped: When down astern the cottage roof, At uniformly, the flashing moon dropped. What silly and perverse thoughts gain slide Into a Lover's head! "O mercy!" to myself I cried, "If Lucy should be dead!"