Statistics Report

 You enjoy been freshly hired as a younger analyst by D.M. Pan Real Estate Company. The sales team has tasked you delay preparing a declaration that examines the sympathy betwixt the selling value of properties and their largeness in balance feet. You enjoy been granted delay a Real Estate County Axioms instrument that encloses properties sold nationwide in fresh years. The team has asked you to prime a clime, exhaustive an primal dissection, and get the declaration to the team.

Note: In the declaration you plan for the sales team, the repartee wavering (y) should be the median scheduleing value and the predictor wavering (x) should be the median balance feet.

Specifically you must harangue the forthcoming rubric criteria, using the Module Two Assignment Template:

  • Generate a Representative Case of the Data
    • Select a clime and propagate a uncompounded chance case of 30 from the axioms.
    • Report the average, median, and rule flexuosity of the median scheduleing value and the median balance sole waverings.
  • Analyze Your Sample
    • Discuss how the climeal case created is reminiscent of the open communicate.
      • Compare and opposition your case delay the population using the Open Statistics and Graphs instrument.
    • Explain how you enjoy made fast that the case is chance.
      • Explain your methods to get a truthfully chance case.
  • Generate Scatterplot
    • Create a strewcontrive of the x and y waverings notable aloft and enclose a deviate length.
  • Observe patterns
    • Answer the forthcoming questions fixed on the strewplot:
      • Define x and y. Which wavering is adapted for making predictions?
      • Is there an company betwixt x and y? Describe the company you see in the strew contrive.
      • What do you see as the figure (direct or nonlinear)?
      • If you had a 1,200 balance sole stock, fixed on the retreat equation in the graph, what value would you select to schedule at?
      • Do you see any germinative outliers in the strewplot?
        • Why do you purpose the outliers appeared in the strewcontrive you propagated?
        • What do they personate?