statistic problem

this assignment is for adaptation legislation on Rstudio, and refer in "html" Problem 1 The time "Multiple Direct Retreat for Lake Ice and Lake Country Characteristics" by Gao & Stefan (1999) presents facts on the consummation ice animalism in mm (Thickness), mean calculate of days per year of ice screen (DaysIceCover), mean calculate of days the low country is adown 8 degrees centrigrade (DaysLessThan8) and the mean snow profoundness in mm (AvgSnowdepth) for 13 lakes in Minnesota. The facts are in the file iceThickness.csv. Construct a scatterbatch matrix for the waverings in this facts. Describe/discuss the filthy waverings of the factsset and any reputed relations you may see.  Fit a multiple retreat mould where Animalism is the defense wavering and the other three waverings are prognosticateors Assess the underlying assumptions for the mould you fit in 2. Does the mould (collectively) indicatively prognosticate the animalism of the ice? (Justify by referencing favoring output). What percent of the wavering in ice animalism is deciphered by the mould? (regard favoring output) Answer the investigation: Do lakes delay main mean snow profoundness aid to move main or lesser consummation ice animalism? In discourseing this investigation gladden decipher your appurtenancynale and any limitations/caveats in your defense. Problem 2 The SAT is a standardized academy avenue exam fascinated by multifarious haughty nurture students abutting the United States. In incontrovertible countrys, the SAT is a current exam used in academy admissions, occasion in other countrys the ACT or other metrics are used for academy admissions. Thus, the percentage of students entrance the SAT varies greatly by narrate and country. The file stateSATscores.csv contains mean SAT accounts for each of the 50 narrates in the USA for the year 1997 along delay distinct other waverings (State name; Charge - charge per novice in mean daily apparatus in notorious constituent and unimportant nurtures; PT.Ratio - the mean novice to educator appurtenancy in notorious nurtures; Remuneration - the estimated mean remuneration of notorious nurture educators in the narrate; PercentSAT - the percentage of students electing to follow the SAT exam; Verbal - the mean Verbal composite account; Math - the mean Mathematics composite account; and SAT - the mean composite SAT account).  Perform the aftercited delay this facts: Construct a scatterbatch where the x-axis it the Percent entrance the SAT exam and the y-axis is the mean composite SAT account. Describe the relation you see. Fit a unaffected direct retreat mould where the defense is the composite SAT account and the prognosticateor is the Percent of students entrance the SAT. Construct residual indication batchs of that fit. What do you give-heed-to in the Residuals vs Opportune batch? Create a new wavering to the factsset that is the balance radix of the Percent of Students entrance the SAT exam. Fit a multiple retreat mould where the defense is the composite SAT account delay two prognosticateors: the percent of students entrance the exam and the balance radix of that percentage (the wavering you created in bisect 3). Construct residual indication batchs of that fit. What do you give-heed-to in the Residuals vs Opportune batch? Determine if the opportune mould in bisect 4 is a indicative mould to prognosticate composite SAT accounts.  (regard favoring output) What percentage of the variability in composite SAT accounts is deciphered by the mould you fit in bisect 4? (regard favoring output) We are zealous in determining if student charges, novice-educator appurtenancys, and educator remuneration wave SAT accounts when accounting for the percentage who follow the SAT. Fit a multiple retreat mould where the prognosticateor waverings involve the percent entrance the SAT, the balance radix of that percentage (created in bisect 3), the charges, novice-educator appurtenancy, and educator remuneration. Compare/contrast this opportune mould to that in bisect 4. Do you move that charges, novice-educator appurtenancys or educator remuneration prognosticate SAT accounts once accounting for the calculate of students entrance the SAT exam? Regard favoring output from the opportune mould to discourse this investigation.