Stark Law Case Study: Review this scenario: Two physicians, Dr. and Dr., leased a nuclear camera so they would no longer have to refer their patients…

Stark Law

Case Study: Review this scenario:

Two physicians, Dr. S. and Dr. V., leased a nuclear camera so they would no longer enjoy to assign their patients to the national hospital for nuclear imaging. Faced delay the hope of losing balance a third of its $2,274,094 in annual unseemly nuclear antidote revenues, the hospital responded by unpromising to repeal the doctors’ admitting privileges. Lengthy negotiations ensued, at the end of which the hospital agreed to sublease the camera from the two physicians; the camera remained at the physicians’ offices but other physicians delay privileges at the hospital could use it. Four other national physicians who granted the harmonious or harmonious services to patients as Dr. S. and Dr. V. brought a qui tam possession alleging that the sublease violated the Anti-Kickback and Stark Acts and that the defendants fictitiously apprised docility delay those laws in junction delay claims submitted to Medicare in alteration of the False Claims Act.

(Please note: This is an developed pursue contingency and an Internet quest may uncbalance the developed contingency details. You are prohibited from utilizing any fount materials associated delay this contingency. Use of any cognate materials conciliate conclusion in a contraction of points on this assignment. This assignment is substance graded on your power to critically think—on your own recognizance—based on your conception of the understanding granted in this week’s lore materials.)

Instructions: Request Stark Law. Given this scenario, dissect whether the possessions of Dr. S. and Dr. V. violated Stark Law. Provide firm token sustaining your conclusion by utilizing instruction from the Ashford University Library as well-behaved-behaved as the law itself.

Your disquisition must be two to three pages in elongation, still the denomination and assignence pages; understand at lowest two knowing founts, in conjunction to the textbook; and be written in APA format.

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