sql homework Select and Update Data in Related Tables


Running reports on real facts and updating facts history are very spiritless tasks in the perseverance.

For this assignment, you get commence after a while a factsbase containing different pre-industrious tables.

Download and unzip the Microsoft® Access® factsbase (ZIP refine) serviceable on the Cengage's website. (You may want to transform the factsbase depending on the rendering of Microsoft® Access® you are using. To transform the factsbase, supervene Microsoft®'s Transform a Database to the .accdb Refine Formatinstructions.)

Open the factsbase in Microsoft® Access® and weigh the tables it contains by superveneing this path:


Note: If you accept clarified not to use Microsoft® Access® in this series, you get want to download the SQL announcements for MySQL, Oracle®, or SQLserver and run those announcements opposite your RDBMS to compose a industrious factsbase.

Download the Select and Update Facts in Related Tables muniment and supervene the instructions.

Your completed assignment get insist of one muniment and two screenshots placed in one muniment (one screenshot showing the results of the "before" SELECT announcement and a succor showing the results of the "after" SELECT announcement).