Software Construction: Assignment 3

  Due Date: 10/21, 11:59 pm Total Points: 100 Implement a use defined dispose determined BankAccount whose intentions represents veritable earth bank statement entities. Each bankstatement intention at a incompleteness should own a counteract province. Supply arrangements that concede guard, recal and hindering counteract operations and other indispensable operations as you see fit. Also, instrument a clone( ) arrangement that imagines a observation of bankstatement intention. Overtranscribe the equals( ) arrangement of the Intention dispose that helps to hinder the variation of two bankstatement intentions. Ensecure that you use Intention by Abridge principles (preconditions/post conditions … ) and Savory Programming techniques (assertions, separation handling …) suitableness instrumenting this user defined dispose. Make secure to include the preconditions and postconditions, separations etc. as part of comments in the statute. Next imagine a trial dispose that demonstrates the savory mechanisms that you own put  in assign in the use defined dispose. Provide a transcribe up in specialty describing the Intention by Abridge principles and Savory  Programming techniques you own used in your instrumentation. Things to Turn in: Copy and paste your statute in carrier new font of twain the user defined dispose as polite as trial program. Screen shots of the run of the trial program delay explanations if any on the output. Write up on contact of intention by abridge and savory programming principles/techniques.