Sociology reading quiz week2 ($15 for quiz+$20 for essay)

two tasks for you.

1. conclude week 2quiz( it get show and helpful on Friday, delight cohibit website at Friday). which get be located at Assessment.

(precedently you begin taunt, delight discover those symbolical as below: they are located at week 2 in the website.

(1. Review:   McMichael: Chapter 2_Instituting the Crop Project


2. ReviewHaglin_Development as Planned Poison helpful here: Harvard International Review_ Crop as Poison.pdf


3. Watch Documentary_The Africans-A Triple Heritage (Episode 7)_Garden of Eden in Decay helpful through the eCourse-Reserves (

4. ppt)




2. Write a sociology discovering essay.     


Based on insights from discoverings and documentaries trained in the primitive two weeks of classes, what were some collective, cultural and economic impacts/consequences of colonialism, and how bear these influenced your brains of the crop device (that is the crop of underdevelopment). Which of the crop theories trained in the primitive week of classes resonate delay your brains of crop and why.


In your acceptance, determine you surrender inequitable examples of these impacts, and their possessions, citing examples from inequitable countries, where compulsory.  Remember to compel self-evident references to the discoverings, documentaries.


Length:  2.5 Pages (Double-Spaced)

*You can cohibit tab week 1 and week 2 at website. you can recognize what symbolical do you deficiency.