Sister Maude

Sister Maude In this essay I am going to transcribe environing named sister maude. Sister maude is environing two sisters who don’t truly get concurrently very courteous, too this rhymer is ambigious becase the anthem is unclear the reader does not now how the my beloved died or the parents and the my disgrace, too this anthem is written in (1830 - 1894) by christina Rossetti. The propse of the anthem is to explain how jelousy sisters cuased a dissolution of another. Christina Rossetti uses a ramble of techniques to appearance the feelings of the sisters. In Sister Maude the sister's offense becomes a substance of good-tempered-tempered and misfortune. Christina Rossetti uses a ramble of techniques such as oxymoron a qoute to pomp this is “comeliest dust” the rhymer has used two facing feelings concertedly,the communication “c” is a plosive and echoes her inflame to her sister Muade, too “comeliest corspe” and intimate that well-balanced as a dust, he is calm?} liberal sufficient and well-behaved to contain the queen,in the avoid stanza it appearances the narrators warmth for her cheerless suitor. His once melodious hair is now “clotted”, too the transcriber uses communications “c” to appearance alliterations to appearance to her sister, sister Maude. Another technique used by Christina Rossetti is alliteration, the rhymer has used alliteration such as “indifferent he lies, as indifferent as a stone delay clotted curls environing her face” the communication “c” is a plosive and echoes her inflame, too the repeat says “indifferent he lies as indifferent as stone”this is the foremost fiction you heed that the my beloved died consequently it say indifferent he lies as indifferent as stone, alliteration’s used in the ultimate two lines “sister Maude oh sister Maude, anticipate you delay dissolution and sin” too the repeat used by the rhymer is raging delay sister Maude that is why he used repetition