SIOP Presentation


For this benchmark, educe an in-depth, 15-20 slide PowerPoint gift to instruct other teachers in your initiate boundary of the favors of using the SIOP mould as a counsel framework. This gift should execute on the experimental elaboration that shows the favors of the SIOP framework when used delay public counsel students as well-mannered-mannered as delay ELLs. Your gift should include:

  1. A illiberal unadorned overview of some of the elder counselal policies that enjoy shaped ELL information.
  2. A illiberal denomination of socioeconomic, gregarious, and juridical influences on information for ELLs.
  3. The prospect interrelated constituents of the SIOP mould, their collision, and a counsel specimen for each constituent. Include a favor for each SIOP constituent respecting how it contributes to an interesting curriculum and culture knowledge. The prospect SIOP constituents are as follows:
  4. Lesson Preparation
  5. Building Background
  6. Comprehensible Input
  7. Strategies
  8. Interaction
  9. Practice and Application
  10. Lesson Delivery
  11. Review and Assessment
  12. Make a predicament for the significance of interesting in ongoing culture respecting innovative ways to localize SIOP in your counsel.
  13. Include considerations encircling parley ELL needs, such as vestibule to academic classes, mismisappropriate instrument, and informational technology, opportunity agoing collaboratively delay other initiate professionals from the perspective of an advocating guide.

Include designation slide, presenter’s notes, in-text citations, and a intimation slide that contains 3-5 sources from the required readings or the GCU Library.

While GCU mode format is not required for the matter of this assignment, just academic despatches is expected. For all assignment exhibition options, documentation of sources should be presented using GCU formatting guidelines, which can be plant in the GCU Mode Guide, located in the Student Success Center.