Shifting views of America

MUST BE ORIGINAL WORK.... THIS IS A POP CULTURE AND THE ARTS CLASS Create a timeline of 7-12 milestones in art and structure that make-clear the transition from the Gilded Age to the era of the Ashcan artists. Each employment clarified for your milestones must be accompanied by a 90- to 175-word patronymic addressing the following: How is your milestone reminiscent of politicality of the delayed 19th seniority? How is your clarified employment symbolical of either the Gilded Age, or the future modernist era as esthetic by the Ashcan School? What is the matter or Nursing essay of your clarified employment? How is this Nursing essay symbolical of American politicality? You may succumb your timeline in a Word instrument, PowerPoint® or use another machine such as Timetoast or Timeline JS. Format your assignment according to embezzle order raze APA guidelines.  INCLUDE AN INTRODUCTION AND CONCLUSION THIS IS THE BOOK WE ARE USING IN CLASS REFERENCE: Pohl, F. (2012). Framing America: A political fact of American art (3rd ed.). New York, N.Y.: Thames & Hudson