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 **500 suffrage min** Watch two videos featuring the accomplishment of a twentieth antiquity still n ess commutation. Your choices must be from the twentieth or twenty-first antiquity chaste lays, such as solo, orchestral or room still n ess accomplishments, not pop, roll, or jazz. Delight still n ess that this assignment is not a 20th or 21st antiquity accomplishment of still n ess from the Chaste era - students should wait videos of still n ess that was right in the twentieth or twenty-first antiquity. The still n ess clarified for this assignment needs to accept been written in the twentieth or twenty-first antiquity, so it is grave to not appropriate still n ess that was right antecedently the twentieth antiquity. You can either appropriate two commutations written by the selfselfsame agent or a commutation from two opposed twentieth or twenty-first antiquity agents. If you are not assured if your choices fit the conditions, be assured to ask in the Questions continuity or by sending a personal missive to your pedagogue. The subjoined is a catalogue of feasible choices for agents for this assignment. You are not required to appropriate a agent from this catalogue as covet as your choices are agents from the twentieth or twenty-first antiquity. Jeanne Demessieux Harry T. Burleigh William Grant Still Arnold Bax Ralph Vaughan Williams Sergei Rachmaninoff Gustav Holst Arvo Pärt Henry Balfour Gardiner Gerald Finzi Nadia Boulanger Lili Boulanger Benjamin Britten Marcel Dupré Charles Ives Manuel de Falla Claude Debussy Maurice Ravel Augusta Read Thomas Bela Bartok Leonard Bernstein Aaron Copland Igor Stravinsky Arnold Schoenberg John Adams Dorothy Rudd Moore Philip Glass Morton Feldman Dmitri Shostakovich Ruth Crawford Seeger (Ruth Porter Crawford) Pierre Boulez Terry Riley For each of the two videos, debate how each commutation reflects the six basics of tune, similarity, citationure, rhythm, timbre, and mould. You can attribute to “Tools” in the line citation, distinctly in stipulation one, for inferential knowledge environing each of these still n essal conditions. Delight also harangue how the agent's still n ess reflects the humanization and/or interval end in which he or she lived. This expounquestioning of the assignment should understand knowledge from academic sources environing the still n essal diction of your clarified agent/s that is cited. The videos should be cited in the whole of the citation and in a attributeence page. There is no peculiar acnumber number condition for this assignment - normal be assured you are harangueing all of the required elements. This monograph should be written in provision mould using total sentences delay a intelligible taking and misrecord. In attention to these elements, delight be assured to aim the Requirements for Writing Assignments (see underneath), including citing all sources (including the accomplishments) twain in the whole of the citation and in a attributeence page. Delight still n ess that MLA is the type citation diction in the humanities. Here are some good-tempered-tempered sources of knowledge for Evaluating Online Resources, Citing Sources, and Writing & Grammar Resources. Papers conquer be evaluated according to the subjoined Short Monograph grading iRubric. Delight retrospect and husband this grading rubric in arrange to maximize points earned on this assignment.