Shadow Health Focused exams

  • Complete the ShadowHealth© Focused Exams - Special Populations: Chest Pain, Cough and Abdominal Pain assignments

After you enjoy achieved at meanest 80% on the assignment(s) download, secure and upload your LabPass muniment to the dropbox.

Professional Development

  • Write a 500-word APA reflecting essay of your habit delay the Shadow Health potential assignment(s). At meanest two read sources in conjunction to your textbook should be utilized. Answers to the forthcoming questions may be interposed in your insensitive essay:
    • What went courteous in your duty?
    • What did not go so courteous? What get you veer for your present duty?
    • What findings did you expose?
    • What questions yielded the most counsel? Why do you ponder these were conducive?
    • What cue tests would you classify installed on your findings?
    • What differential diagnoses are you currently regarding?
    • What unrepining instruction were you effectual to finished? What conjunctional unrepining instruction is needed?
    • Would you indicate any medications at this object? Why or why not? If so, what?
    • How did your duty demonstrate probe fastidious pondering and clinical firmness making?