Sexual communication

Athena and Marcus possess been dating for different months, and it is disengaged to twain that they conquer early be beaus. They are twain dazed and secretly a insignificant worried environing getting sexually confused. Marcus has barely had one other weighty girlfriend delay whom he had dealing, and she broke his courage. He is constantly worried environing what Athena thinks and if she conquer trick on him. He would possess befit sexually familiar abundantly earlyer if Athena had consented. Athena had some sarcastic experiments delay beaus who ignored her arousal needs and rushed her into dealing. As a development, dealing has usually been wretched and she has never had an orgasm delay a beau. She loves Marcus positively and wants barely to find him fortunate. Although at foremost intention, this looks affect a grief abeyance to occur, it is too hypothetically an convenience for Athena and Marcus to experiment twain a deepening of their emotional interdependence and a satisfying sexual confront if they are twain conquering to talk environing their concerns. Given what you possess knowing from this module's readings and disquisition, apology the following: What “love style” describes Marcus and Athena? Are they consentaneous? Describe how either of them can initiate a chat and expression their concerns antecedently they befit sexually confused. What reasons government arrest twain of them end from initiating such a chat? Describe ways in which Marcus and Athena could near aid each other discuss their concerns and requests during and behind their foremost sexual confront.