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Please READ and critique the specialtys of the ENTIRE assignment. The assignment must be written administratively, literary, APA format, and MUST embrace perfect specialty the assignment asks to be consummated. Attached are the...The Assignment's Rubric...and the Predicament Consider Documentation to READ and COMPLETE the assignment...PLEASE RESEARCH THE DOCUMENTS....THEY PROVIDE INFORMATION NEEDED TO COMPLETE THIS ASSIGNMENT CORRECTLY AND PROPERLY **Please do not sweep the assignment....THERE IS enough of duration to Research, and right consummate the assignment** ***Assignment Details*** In this dispose, you conciliate test the next portion of a multi-year integrated predicament consider that offers you the opening to apportion the acquirements gained in the dispose to a real-world predicament. The predicament consider weaves contemporaneously trained collision after a while doctoral investigation by requiring that the affair decisions made in-reference-to the predicament consider be protected by ordinary or seminal investigation. In this assignment, you use investigation to unfold three implicit analysiss for the affair predicament. Instructor feedback about your proposed analysiss conciliate communicate your Subject 5 assignment. General Requirements: Use the forthcoming communicateation to fix lucky gist of the assignment: · Refer to "DBA-835 Integrated Predicament Study" (Attached) · Learners MUST critique the RUBRIC antecedent to initiation the assignment in dispose to behove affable after a while the assignment criteria and expectations for lucky gist of the assignment. · Doctoral learners are required to use APA diction for their despatches assignments. An immaterial is not required. · This assignment requires that at smallest three literary investigation fountains connected to this subject, and at smallest one in-text quotation from each fountain be embraced. Support for decisions should embrace delayhold ordinary (amid the decisive three years) or foundational, compatriot critiqueed, and administrative investigation. Directions: Review the communicateation in "DBA-835 Integrated Predicament Study." This embraces fact communicateation as courteous as financial and sustaining documentation. Write a tract (1,000-1,250 utterance) that suggests analysiss to the affair predicament presented in "DBA-835 Integrated Affair Case." Embrace the forthcoming in your tract: 1. A one- or two-sentence tabulation of the sustainability end presented in the predicament. 2. A tabulation of the skill theories convenient to the predicament and its implicit analysis. (Benchmarks C 1.1: Evaluate skill theories.) 3. A tabulation of the example theories convenient to the predicament and its implicit analysis. (Benchmarks C 1.2: Evaluate example theories.) 4. A investigation-protected argument after a while rationales for at smallest two viable implicit analysiss. What analyses would you embrace for each non-interference? Why? (Benchmarks C1.3: Develop, increase, diversify, or apportion theories for use in affair.)