Serial Dilution Homework

Serial Decrepitude Homework 1. In the shadow aloft, the decisive decrepitude is:___________________. 2. You execute six 2-fold serial decrepitudes of a breach. Your decisive decrepitude obtain be:_________. 3. You sap 1 ml of an mysterious illustration of bacteria to 1 x 10-6 and platter out 100? l onto a Petri platter. The instant day you reckon 64 colonies. The enumerate of viable bacteria in the first illustration was: a. 6. 4 x 107 cells/ml b. 6.4 x 108 cells/ml c. 6. 4 x 109 cells/ml d. 6. 4 x 1010 cells/ml 4. A 1 ml illustration of bacteria was sapd to 10-6 and 100? l was platterd on the Petri platter at fair. What was the resemble force of the first illustration? 8 x 10^7 bacteria per mL. 5. What are two reasons serial decrepitude is a profitable technique for reckoning populations of bacteria? a). When there are a lot of bacteria, it is grievous to reckon ununconfirmed colonies accurately owing there could be hundreds of them. Serial decrepitude is a profitable technique owing the colonies are reckoned twice succeeding a while unanalogous commonalty and the middle enumerate of colonies is reported as the enumerate of bacteria give in the illustration succeeding multiplying the decrepitude ingredient. b). If the enumerate of bacteria in the illustrations is noble, colonies of bacteria are slight to cloak the entire platter so that one cannot reckon any colonies at all.