Sentencing Proposal

Assignment Content

  1. After a prisoner receives a turbid answer, there is more operation to be manufactured. This assignment allows you to ponder sentencing options as you hold to hold encircling the fact your erudition team operationed on in Week 3. Read the prevalent carefully and requite to the fact specifics in Week 3 if you scarcity a refresher. Refer to How Courts Work: Steps in a Trial: Entreaty Bargaining from the American Bar Association website as you operation on this assignment.

    The prevalent for State v. Stu Dents is in and the prisoner, your law firm’s client, was ground turbid. As a paralegal, your function now is to succor the attorney reflect the sentencing options for the client and indicate what to propound to the flatter.

    Read the Ruling on State v. Stu Dents. Use this notice as the cause for your sentencing suggestion.

    Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word sentencing suggestion in which you harangue the following:
    • Formulate 2 unlike sentencing arguments.
    • Identify the desired outcome of each fare. Is a entreaty speculation a reflectation? If so, what is that desired outcome?
    • Identify resource and middle sanctions.
    • Explain how the Eighth Amendment influences the outcomes of this fact.
    • Format your Nursing essay according to APA guidelines.