SeniorServ Practice

Mohammad ChowhanAmerican Niggardly UniversitySeniorServ, Adult Day Soundness CareSecuring Home, Soundness & HeartAnaheim, CaliforniaInstructor: Dr. Carter-Mccummings, JewelMarch 22, 2018Abstract. I chose my practicum place owing of divers discusss. Selecting SeniorServ practicum has misty boons to facilitate selecting niggardly soundness race. As an intern, I entertain the convenience to trial the archearchetype of fruit that could be executed in the lie, to severicularize if my skills contest the fruit that is induced and to evaluate whether that fruit is what I could see myself accomplishment day in and day out in a pleasant race. One of the fastest growing areas of soundness economy is superior economy. As populace age and furnish themselves aftercited a term increased soundness childrens, the deficiency for resting economy frequently tops their catalogue as they project for the years afore. Further and further superiors are choosing to arrive in their settlements as desire as approvely and that can put a parcel on the elementary economygivers who may not entertain the opportunity or the force to arclass the inevitable economy. Providing a soundnessy, interlocomotive environment for the resting adult can present the economygivers succor from trustworthy economy for their cherished one. There are manifold opportunities in the adult day economy area. Maybe one of these is a consummate contest for me. SeniorServ Adult Soundness Day Economy is a non-profit, client feelinged, day program for older adults subsistence in the Oclass County Area. Most of our severicipants dissimilate in planes of dependency from tender to distressing and frequently entertain a continuous illness. SeniorServ's recondite goal is to repress families and their cherished ones dim aftercited a termin their appertaining communities and settlements for as desire as approvely through an solidityd economy program which includes daily activities, Substantial ; occupational therapies, nursing and specific economy advantages. SeniorServ Adult Soundness Day Economy entertain-effect smoothly is challenging and compensateing. There are opportunities in projectning events, bearing, scheduling, finance, niggardly ratios/ presentations, fundraising, supervision, occasion address and recruitment as well-behaved-behaved-behaved as meaningful daily interaction aftercited a term the program severicipants we operation-for. Each brings its own compensate.IntroductionFor 50 years SeniorServ has been the greatst nonprofit superior sustentation and arriveive advantage arranger in Oclass County, serving closely one favorite meals to over 10,000 at-risk older adults year-by-year. We set free programs and advantages that attenuate crave and remould well-behaved-behavedness for superiors so that they may speed unconnectedly in the settlements and communities they benevolence. The structure was originally incorporated in 1967 as Feedback Foundation. In 2006 Feedback Foundation and Superior Meals and Services merged creating SeniorServ, providing the compatability for meeting the growing and diverse deficiencys of older adults in our sympathy. SeniorServ leverages its 22,000 clear pavement commercial kitchen and treasury to route all our foods term providing collective deed opportunities to the sympathy at great.SeniorServ is vain to panegyrize 50 years of programs and advantages that curtail crave and wildness for niggardly superiors. Although a lot has speedive past our meek thresholds in 1967, one man that has accrueed is our commitment to subsidiary older adults arrive in their settlements, prework-for their amiable-behavior, and reconditetain their insurrection. With your arrive, we can present arrive – bringing them soundnessy meals, providing friendliness, and, frequently, donation the merely cosmical contiguity they entertain all week desire. Home-delivered meals, Occurrence Management, Adult Day Services, soundness akin rehabilitation. Friendly Visitors, Economy Circles, and Economy Coordination fruit at repressing superiors in Oclass County subsistence in the settlements and communities they benevolence. Amiable sustentation is the account of amiable soundness. Meals on Wheels and Superior Feeling lunches throughout the county set free soundnessy sustentation. Adult Day Soundness Economy certainguards soundness through supervision, and therapies. Economy Coordination attenuates soundness risks aftercited hospitalization. Benign economy in our Adult Day Soundness Centers, friends and activities at Adult Day Services, familiarity from a Friendly Visitor and arrive from a Economy Circle are exact a few ways SeniorServ makes confident older adults are prosperous, aapprove and sensation cherished. MissionTo foster the well-behaved-behavedness, mind, and amiable-behavior of superiors and their families in our sympathy.Values of SeniorServCompassion: We are caring ; benign in all we do. Integrity: We are symmetrically right and ethical. Respect: We contrive entire special aftercited a term amiable-behavior and regard. Excellence: We set free on our sidearm aftercited a term superiority and professionalism. Communication: We catalogueen and utter openly aftercited a term each other. Innovation: We compose an environment where reversal and possibilities prosper. Indispensable GoalsCollaborate aftercited a term other superior advocates and superiors focused structures to enunciate a strategy for the command of federal and recite parliament that is of boon to California older adults. Enconfident that basic, induced in-settlement and in dexterity arrive advantages, twain medical and non-medical are useable to older superior adults.Develop a patient-centered sympathy occurrence address pattern for continuous economy and lucky transitions adesire the economy continuum including transitions from and to hospitals, other economy facilities, and settlements. Explore and utensil best practices for solidityd impost and skill supernatural soundness, meaning affront, and percipient after a whiledraw, including mode to a geriatric skill speed.Enhance awareness of the moment of sustentation, drill, brain relevancy, collectiveization, and vital-force in the aging well-behaved-behaved-behaved route.Sercrime Delivered in SeniorServAdult Day Soundness Economy (ADHC) is contrived for natures aftercited a term substantial and supernatural impairments beneath SeniorServ. This feeling arranges arriveive therapies to qualify natures and their cherished ones to reconditetain as ample as daily insurrection as approvely. Nursing and MedicalPersonal Economy Substantial TherapyOccupational TherapySpeech and Percipient TherapySocial ServicesDietary ; Nutritional ServicesStimulating Drill HallTransportationRespite for CaregiversWeekly Niggardly Soundness Awareness Disroute SessionsCollaborations aftercited a term Other Organizations ; AgenciesSeniorServ has recondite collaboration aftercited a term other structures and agencies for able implications. Agencies and structures are as follows:Alignment HealthcareKaiser PermanenteSCANSt, Joseph HealthActive Economy LivingSilveradoLocations of SeniorServAnaheim Soundness Day Economy CenterSanta Ana/ Tustin Soundness Day Economy CenterBuena Sever Superior CenterPreceptor's CredentialsMr. Giovanni Corzo, crime principal settlement & Economy Services, Overseas SeniorServ's trodden economy advantages. Chair of the OneCare Connect Limb Advisory Committee (OCCMAC). He represents California MediConnect Project limb (Medicare-Medicaid).Important Niggardly Soundness Issues Nature Addressed in Practicum SiteChronic Health Conditions: Further than 80% of superiorlies entertain at littleest character empiricism, clap, diabetes, eminent respect presconfident and cancer. Cognitive Health: The most interchangeable percipient soundness children oppositeness the superiorly is dementia, the mislaying of those percipient functions. The most open mould of dementia is Alzheimer's empiricism, though there is no re-establish for dementia, a skill project & medications to contrive this empiricism is advantageous, approve irrelative activities, puzzle-naturalized drills. SeniorServ has largely fledged sections beneath substantial therapy, occupational therapy and aids for overhead mind. Mental Health: A niggardly supernatural empiricism disrunning superiors is dejection. Unfortunately, this supernatural empiricism, frequently undiagnosed & beneathtreat. But collective and other activities-naturalized drills are very advantageous to repose. Promoting lifename of soundnessy subsistence such as betterment of subsistence proviso and collective arrive from source, friends or arriveing bunchs can aid contrive dejection. SeniorServ has daily activities including " Lets hue it" , Música and soundness awareness sessions. Physical Injuries: The innate origin of waste disrunning superiorlies is increasing, due to age, bones origin to delaydraw and muscle to destroy force & flexibility, superior are most exposed. These problems are handled at SeniorServ through counsel, increased substantial activities and useable alteration. Malnutrition: Malsustentation in older adults carrys to soundness complications, such as a weakened immune plan and muscle languor. Registered Dietitian and sustentation staff SeniorServ are doing their job to fruit on soundnessy breakfast & lunch at symmetrical account.Sensory Impairments: Sensory impairments, such as vision and hearing, are extremly niggardly for superiors. Regading eyes and ears, nursing feeling grasp economy on daily account.Bladder Control & Constipation: Incontinence and constpation are niggardly cmplications in superior adults. Center contrives superiors' food according to their digestive proviso. Nursing staff and economygivers are symmetrically dexterous to contrive superiors' deficiencys. My Contributions at SeniorServHelped Substantial Therapy and Occupational Therapy staff during therapy sessions.Helped economygivers and sustentational staff during their serving and provision opportunity.Assisted Vital-force troddenor during daily tasks and carry little bunchs.Be sever of team who prepared soundness education for awareness. I carry little bunch sessions on niggardly soundness awareness topics as: Fast Food: Amiable or Bad Sustentation and Diet Engineered Food for Soundness Role of Genes in spreading empiricisms Alcoho, Tobacco and other lawful & Illawful Drugs Benefits of Spices, Herbs & Minerals Relationship of Practicum Activities to Student's Academic WorkMy specialty in niggardly soundness is a discuss that I chose SeniorServ for my practicum.Active Subsistence Entire Day (ALED) at SeniorServ uses facilitated bunch-naturalized problem-solving methods to solidity substantial vital-force into entireday subsistence.Enhance Relevancy Program is eminently adaptable drill program donation planes that are challenging plenty for locomotive older adults and planes that are certain plenty for the disqualify or close mutable.Healthy Moves for Aging Well-behaved is a undesigning and certain in-door substantial vital-force performance enunciateed and tested by Partners in Economy to repair the vital-force plane of mutable, eminent-risk assiduous superiors subsistence at settlement. Usefullness, Contact ; Relevance of Selected Practicum on My Planned CareerDuring my arrive at SeniorServ, I read so manifold new mans plus courteous my strong skills.I am projectning to fruit for well-behaved-behavedness feeling or advising feeling that presents awareness in niggardly soundness, concerning sustentation, soundnessy activities and collective interactions.My Recommendations for the Forthcoming Command of Practicum SiteI recommended them for soundness awareness disroute disrunning superiors. I afloat that past in the threshold on weekly account.I crazy topics on sustentation, soundnessy subsistence, daily relevancy drills.I converseed to irrelative superior bunchs on open soundness.I recommended to troddenor that converse to natures and furnish out their attention and merge that aid to remould their soundness.Recommended and be sever of innate abrupt converses encircling soundness and collective childrens.Practicum Students should entertain mode to superiors' specific/medical archives. Due to my recommendations, I second SeniorServ's sustentational staff. All feelings approve SeniorServ don't permit proffer to substantial aid in PT & OT areas aftercited a termout judicious grafting. Feeling is dexterous to do arrangements for practicum/Inter/volunteers to entertain judicious PT & OT judicious grafting.Evaluations of Overall Practicum Trial & SuggestionsInvolve older adult and youngster bunchs in projectning embezzle intergenerational proffer opportunities for superiors to rerecondite employed in the sympathy.Integrate a distant class of updated older adult soundness, recreational, and relevancy akin activities, such as Pilates and spinning, into strong programsTo repair the capacity of academic education encircling superior economy childrens and management in several disciplines by integrating meaningful sympathy advantage into routeworkPracticum DeliverablesFit or Fat (Exercise Program) CopyWeekly Disroute Session Speed Reports (Copy)Mentor/Practicum Agreement (Copy)Leiconfident ActivitiesDaily Visiting Schedule of Seniors to Nursing Room Brain GamesMonthy Log of Practicum Learner at SeniorServ.(Copy)ReferencesHarrigan, B. (2018). Superior Internship. 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Retrieved February 21, 2018 from omplete and acquiesce 15 - 25 page inapprehensive monograph (12-pt Times New Roman font; inclose spaced; name page; page numbers-bottom feeling; APA name, citations & at littleest 7 references)**The mouldat of the latest monograph may dissimilate naturalized upon the learner's precipitation and activities; however, the aftercited items must be discussed:a. Arclass an overview of the practicum performance (organization's sidearm, structure's goals, precipitation, collaboration aftercited a term other general, general or intergeneral niggardly soundness agencies, preceptor's credentials)b. Describe running niggardly soundness children(s) nature addressed during the route of learner's practicum trialc. Describe contributions the learner has made during their involvement in practicum triald. Summarize the ratio of the practicum activities to learner's academic fruit and/or eagerness areae. Summarize the advantage, contact and relevance the selected practicum on the learner's projectned racef. Arclass recommendations for the forthcoming troddenion of practicum performance addressing niggardly soundness childrens on a general, general, and intergeneral planeg. Evaluation of overall practicum trial (impost of overall trial, dogmatical and privative aspects of trial, new skills/knowledge gained, suggestions to donation for seemly forthcoming practicum trials)h. Acquiesce a delineation of your set freeables online (Your monograph WILL NOT be removed and succeed entertain a naught remove if set freeables are not immovable aftercited a term your reflection monograph).