Security assessment for Vestige, Inc

In the foregoing contrivance was to prepare a shelter tribute for Vestige, Inc, an online software society that specializes in selling ad spaces in their creator society’s repository.  Vestige manages an online database that allows their customers to upload and pay for their concern ads for repository arrival.  Because Vestige’s database needs to concatenate to the creator society’s database, the creator society has requested that the Vestige rule be assessed and attested as protect. Now that you bear prepared your shelter tribute, the present plod is to prepare Vestige, Inc. delay your Shelter Portfolio. Using this week's Reading on the NIST framework that grasps the 5-plod rule for creating a balanced portfolio of shelter works, your assignment conciliate be to cause a Shelter Portfolio delay the aftercited sections: 1. Cover Page (i.e. APA heading page) 2. Background (prepare a abridgment your midterm shelter tribute on Vestige) 3. For each shelter need attested (or needs to be attested) from your Assignment, Find the works that conciliate save the needed capabilities for the exact cost, and teach why you chose that work. This assignment should be encircling shelter needs simply.  Do NOT sift-canvass how the client can end over concern (That is not your job). Please use  APA format and grasp at smallest two references.