Security Architecture and Design

  Subject name: Security Architecture and Design Research Paper Notes:   • Must be in APA Style –Recommend Research APA Style Before Residency  Weekend• Research Paper Must Have at Lowest 5 Works Cited of Which 2 Must  be Peer Reviewed  Works/Articles• Must be at Lowest 5 Double Spaced Pages and Power sharp-end delivery after a while 12-15 slides• Minimum 1,300 words. Research Paper Format •Papers should flourish this open outline: –Introduction –System designation (concoct on Figure E6) and BRIEFLY illustrate iNTegrity –Identified Threats (at lowest three) •Justification and explanation •References •Impact if not addressed –Remediation recommendations •At lowest two remediations per denunciation –Conclusions Research Project Topic •Use the iNTegrity polish parity checking software Designation in Appendix E •Provide a denunciation type for the incomplete system •Identify AT LEAST three inequitable denunciations –NOT denunciation types! –One for facts glide, one for facts garner, one for a process •Recommend at lowest two remediations per denunciation •Each collocation conciliate transcribe a paper –Describe each denunciation –At lowest two remediation recommendations for each denunciation