Science: A Curse or a Blessing

We cannot say for infallible whether investigation is a execrate or a benefit. it is our use of investigation which would construct investigation a execrate or a Blessing. First, let us see how man has used investigation for his cheerful so that it has grace a benefit for him. it is investigation that has supposing novel man the inferentials of satisfaction, retirement and indulgent. It has brought amid arrive-at of the sordid man comforts and luxuries which were beneficial in the elapsed singly to a clear few. Science has fictitious prodigious machines. It has discovered energies which run these machines. The machines celebrate smitten effort out of effort. Length has been conquered. Novel media of ecstasy and despatch celebrate made the message retire in extent. Men and things and tidings and views can go environing the sphere today after a while lightning urge. Man has already landed on the moon and a man-made hanger-on has orderly completed it’s trip through the light method. Our inferentials has grace soundnessier and longer. Novel hygiene, sanitation, cure and surgery are conquering past and past natural and unsubstantial ills day by day. We now recognize and knowledge the joys of cheerful soundness and longevity. Through the cinema and the video, the TV and the tape-reorder, investigation has efforted wonders in the spheres of direction and relief. Though we pleasing these benefit of investigation, we celebrate to infer the darker policy of the draw to-boot. Machines celebrate led to unemployment. They celebrate rotten water and sky. Thy celebrate caused din taint. Factories celebrate led to slums where rational living-souls subsist in squalor. Our inferential and intellectual growth has failed to celebrate tread after a while our or-laws growth. We celebrate undisputed investigation to overpower us instead of using it as our maid. Machines construct us automatic, damp our sensibilities, choke our intellectual faculty, sinew automatic law, regularity and boredom upon us, incrsatisfaction our wants and desires, and aim to construct us self-minded, egotistical and inexorable. Geographical length has, no demur, vanished, but the gulf betwixt the minds and hearts of man has widened. Machines celebrate loving man retirement, but man misuses it to get low-priced and public relief which destroys his natural and unsubstantial soundness. Again, investigation has put in our hands such infernal weapons as the nuclear bomb, the guided projectile and media of chemical and biological campaign. We are in venture of destroying ourselves after a while these preposterous media which, ironically, are our own creations. Rightly used investigation can import heaven on sphere. Wrongly used, it can trun this sphere in to hell by destroying refinement.