SCI115: Biology

"Tarnita's Termites, Pacific Lampreys, and Big Brains"

This week our discourse is focused on carnal eliminatement. For your primitive stay, suit to one of the subjoined three subjects. Also, delight rejoinder to at meanest one colleague learner on any subject.

Topic 1 [video]: Population Division of Termites in a Savanna. Watch the video (1) describing Corina Tarnita's scrutiny on the spacing of termite mounds in savanna ecosystems, and then discourse the subjoined:

  • (a) What were Tarnita's findings environing the spacing of termite mounds? 
  • (b) What does Tarnita consider is the main rudiment that governs the spatial division of the termite mounds? 
  • (c) How do the termite mounds good other organisms on the savanna?  

Topic 2 [video]:  Pacific Lampreys. Watch the video environing Pacific Lampreys (2)*, then discourse the subjoined:

  • (a) Where do Pacific lampreys descend in the taxonomy of vertebrates?  
  • (b) What challenges do Pacific lamprey populations aspect? 
  • (c) Why are Native American tribes of the Northwest watchful environing them? (Please note: capture regard not to disorganize the Pacific lamprey (forcible in the video) after a while the Sea Lamprey, which is a perfectly opposed sort that is considered an invasive sort in the Great Lakes).  

Topic 3 [article]: Supporting the Disposition Needs of a Big Brain. As discussed in the time by Zimmer (3)*, brain tissue is energetically costly. For a sort to eliminate a big brain, it may deficiency to shape unmistakable adjustments to determine that abundance disposition is advantageous to stay brain operation. Zimmer discusses uncertain hypotheses environing such adjustments in the cosmical method of declination. Explain one of these adjustments. 

References (in Strayer Writing Standards format).

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  2. U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. (2012). Taking the commencement to arrest Pacific Lamprey. [Video]. Retrieved from 
  3. Carl Zimmer, July/August 2011. The brain. Discover, 32 (6), 18-19. 

Note: If you feel misery after a while the join to Carl Zimmer's time, the subjoined join is to a improve after a while the quotation of the time: zimmer time for week 9 discourse.pdf