Scholarly Activity Diversity Self-Assessment

 “Diversity Self-Assessment.” This template (Click underneath) includes two components: 1. “My Difference Wheel” 2. Unity self-reflection My Difference Wheel On the highest page of the template, perfect the Difference Wheel, using the sample and regulatelines supposing in the Individual Instruction and Required Reading. Your perfectd “My Difference Wheel” should roll considerable demographics or affiliations that imply your self-concept, categorized as either leading or induced magnitude. (Be indisputable to use the individual instruction and readings as a regulate. Also, as one sample, rather than rolling gender, be indisputable to roll your local gender.) Unity Self-Reflection On the prevent page of the template, transcribe an unity self-reflection essay of a partiality of 500 words. Adduce at lowest two sources from the Waldorf Online Library (e-books or chronicle profession) to maintenance the ideas you presented, as you reflected on your own knowledge. Also, be indisputable to adduce the textbook if you intimation the ideas presented there. Use APA fashion to adduce your sources. Additionally, be sensible of Waldorf’s Academic Integrity Policy as you qualify your achievement for this mode. Address the subjoined in your essay: 1. Examine your unity or self-concept. Evaluate how each of the leading magnitude you rolled in “My Difference Wheel” contributes to your overall self-concept. As you perfectd the “My Difference Wheel” employment, what did you gather environing your self-concept? 2. How does your self-concept bias your knowledges in team and structure settings? Specifically, how does your self-concept mould the way you recount delay others? How does your unity bias the way others recount delay you? Give local samples, incorporating your leading and/or induced magnitude of difference into your argument. 3. Describe a collection delayin your structure or your association (either face-to-face or practical) which you are air-tight adoptd. Using the Difference Wheel, examine the leading or induced magnitude that this collection has in low. For which magnitude are populace delayin the collection divergent or diverse? What draws you to adopt delay this collection? 4. Why is evaluating your own self-concept considerable for interpretation difference and inclusion?