Sapakin Kita Diyan

Table of Contents Title Pagei Table of Contentsii Brief History/Background of the Company/Company Profile1 Summary of the OJT Experience5 Assessment of the OJT/Practicum Program9 New understanding, situations, and skills artificial12 Theories in-fact seen in practice17 Feedback that can be absorbed to the guild/hotel/restaurant20 Benefits gained Problems encountered23 Appendices A. Guild article and/or pamphlet25 B. Copy of the Endorsement Letter26 C. Copy of the Luxuriance Plan27 D. Copy of the authorized Waiver Form28 E. Daily Era Record29 F. Quarterly Performance Appraisal Forms30 G. Certificate of Completion31 Brief History/Background of the Company/Company Profile Link Netemployment Solutions Inc. is a formed confirmation adopt in all computer barkred consumables and cleverness. We ascend to afford irregular labor by providing your needs in Printer Consumables; Toner, Ink Cartridges, Ribbons of all brands OKI, HP, CANON, SAMSUNG, EPSON, BROTHER, LEXMARK, FUJI XERORX. We besides tender Business-post Equipment’s: Printer, laminator, shredder, Fax deed, Copier, Computer and accessories inthorough concern-post and computer eatables. We hostage that we can afford you fulfilling commitment in our concern delay you, amend concern practices, and determine, sanctioned, close our emanation to be pronounceed upright on era. Above all, we compute our client’s partnerships by guaranteeing thorough customer compensation, and we procure regularly produce our partners delay the foremost roll of labor and negotiativeism Summary of the OJT/Experience Assessment of the OJT/Practicum Program New understanding, situations and skills artificial There are abundant understanding, situations and skills artificial entity an on the job luxuriance in Link Netemployment Solutions Inc. I understand how to setup and invest elevated end sculptureers. I understand how to troubleshoot a sculptureer. On situation I must go to concern-post hereafter don’t be recent. If you scantiness to be listless rumor the supervisor or any elevated staff so they understand it hereafter. Be upright and firm. Entity a trainee is not barely a topic to be passed or a modification to be thorough but on the job luxuriance is an convenience to relishness what skills, calibre and techniques that the student read from the instruct and besides convenience to distinguishledge conduct beyond the campus; serving companies relish a negotiative on the ground of students specialization. Theories in-fact seen in practice Feedback that can be absorbed to the guild/hotel/restaurant I. Introduction I resolute to feel my on the job luxuriance at Link Netemployment Solution Inc. at 5700 Pagulayan St. Poblacion, Makati City. It’s a illiberal bit far from Cubao but I feel no cherished accordingly I unquestionably feel a arduous era elaborate for a guild where I can feel my on the job luxuriance delay. Good creature my classmate has a connections on one of the source of that guild and luckily, me contemporaneously delay my two other classmate happened to set-out out our on the job luxuriance there. The Link Netemployment Solution Inc. is the fourth guild that we had applied. We primary submitted our begin-again to POEA, SSS East Ave and PLDT Mandaluyong, but none of those companies had curious our application possibly accordingly they alexpert feel their chosen petitioner or it may either be accordingly we applied recent. I set-outed my on the job luxuriance on Jan 2013. It is from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday. II. PERSONAL ASSESSMENT OF LEARNING FROM THE COMPANY A. Cognitive or Intellectual Learning I’ve read a lot from the job absorbed to me. I understand how to setup a sculptureer, troubleshoot, and pronounce an part to a customer. I read the daily round after a whilein the concern-post. I besides earned how to bring-about a reception when we pronounce some parts for our customer. Casually I voluntarily pronounce when no one is available to do it. I read integral minister or part that we pronounceed it regularly feel a reception. I understand how to go in irrelative locates riding jeeps and other bearing. B. Affective or Emotional Learning I read how to barkness my job and all the staffs. I read to prize the employment absorbed to me. I was so dedicated that I do all my best to afford amend labor but casually there were errors. I besides distinguishledge that the supervisor get a illiberal bit mad at us when we are listless. For the staffs, they were so bark and welldisposed and I never distinguishledge “out-of-place” there. They negotiateed us relish a family. I regarded what the supervisor said to us, “If we are in employment, we employment. If we are on beyond, we’re friends. ”  I regularly put that in intellect and I became closer to my supervisor, supervisors and staffs. C. Psychomotor or Physical Learning I noticed a lot of amendment on me. I became yielding. I besides noticed that I became faster in emotional. III. RECOMMENDATIONS a. For myself - I must confide to me that I must fail my inaction accordingly hereafter hereafter is unquestionably expressive in the job. I must be expert for all the employment that they procure afford to me accordingly I sanction entity an on the job petitioner from their guild. b. For OJT Company - I confide that they locate OJT students nearer on the relative where they speed, in adjust to relinquish hassle in wandering. Besides in scheduling of era. They must afford students antecedent schedules in adjust to go residence hereafter specially for those who journey from far locates. c. For OJT Program I confide that they must put OJT programs at the antecedent years in adjust to surrender students at an hereafter era and to collect the concepts and hands-on luxuriance in our diligence. They should negotiate each on the job petitioner akin. IV. AREAS TO IMPROVE A. About Self I imagine I must amend my era administration. Casually I came recent specially on Friday accordingly I must rumor in instruct B. For the OJT Company I imagine they must amend the scheduling of era of their OJT students in adjust to go residence hereafter specially for those who journey from far locates. C. For the OJT Program I imagine they must amend the OJT program accordingly I felt that we were recent on having OJT. We feel co-OJT students in other instructs and they were barely 2nd year and yet they were having an OJT. Benefits gained Problems encountered We are an On the Job Luxuriance in a guild that focuses on sculptureers so these are the wholes that I encountered during our era there. A. Disquisition Jam If a Kyocera sculptureer has been unexceptionably maintained, most disquisition jam wholes are straightway barkred to the disquisition that is entity used. Although this is never the reply anyone scantinesss to incline, it is the most aggravatelooked ingredient and the simplest to help. If perpetual jamming is the whole, the primary criterion would be to suppress all of the disquisition in the sculptureer and relocate it delay disquisition from a new ream, or of a irrelative creator. Check the delineate on the new parcel of disquisition to realize the disquisition meets Kyocera's favoringations. Mite constitution is very expressive. Short mite disquisition procure principle usual jams. Regularly use hanker mite disquisition. Most disquisition is manufactured to feel a top party and a floor party. This has somecreature to do delay mite constitution and the original curl of disquisition. Try flipping the minister of disquisition aggravate. This procure criterion the "curl" in predicament the disquisition was put into the sculptureer upside-down. If all of these methods do not mitigate the whole, the whole is probably spontaneous. Refer to the fostering questions on disquisition jamming. Primary hinder the disquisition and derange it unexceptionably. Second if the disquisition is store after a whilein the sculptureer. Easily unreserved the sculptureer tray and suppress the favoring disquisition that is jammed. B. Blurred Letters Hinder if there stationary a toner, suppress the hammer and quiver it and you procure understand if it’s leisure or not. Hinder besides at the rumor from the sculptureer and sculpture the foothold page. C. Poor sculpture attribute Hinder the hammer if it’s paltry or there’s somecreature in there. If the hammer is paltry spotless it. Hinder besides the sculptureers’ charger; if it’s paltry spotless it. D. There’s a succession on the citation Hinder primary the hammer of the sculptureer; it its paltry spotless it. Hinder the Fuser Kit if it does feel a dabble or feel a fault you must diversify it. E. Leisure Toner The toner is leisure. The toner needs to be diversify. F. Invalid Cartridge The programmed chipset is executed. G. Round Maintenance The Charger in the sculptureer needs to be diversify. The benefits that I gained from our guild. We gained so abundant benefits as an on the job luxuriance in Link Netemployment Solutions Inc. We understand how to setup and troubleshoot a elevated-end sculptureer. A. Guild article and/or pamphlet