Samsung Wave-Ii Marketing Plan

[pic] Samsung Wave-II Piercing Phone Marketing Pur-pose and management Principles of Marketing EIB-507 Prepared By: MD. Ashif Hossain Roll-80104045 International Business, EMBA University Of Dhaka Prepared For: MD. Kamal Uddin,Ph. D Associate Professor Executive abridgment Inconstant phone, which is defined as a proud technology electronic emanation, is received all balance the universe. Bangladesh must be one of the biggest traffics for those inconstant phone compositionrs. As a head in inconstant telecommunications traffic, Samsung has its or-laws interest management that leads to victory, and pays a immense regard to the traffic of Bangladesh. Established on the Bangladesh inconstant phone traffic, this Nursing essay analyzes Samsung’s interest management to profession conclude of Samsung’s victory. The interest management includes the strategic eager, the competitive management and trafficing mix. The strategic concept of Samsung is to engage the require-side management. Samsung subdivides the unimpaired traffic into divers external traffics according to the examinationes encircling the deal-outialities of unanalogous men-folks. And then unanalogous types of inconstant phones are put into the traffic aimed at alluring unanalogous consumer collocations. The competitive management of Samsung is to mend the innovative force to win the competitive employment. Cogent technological reversal force executes Samsung consist in the bold collocation of inconstant toil all the interval, and characterized this mark by a eespecial organization. And the trafficing mix of Samsung is to use the integrated trafficing management including emanation, appraisement, preferment and fix. It values the view of a mark, the orientation of its emanations and pays a lot of regard to technology mendment. It increases the sales through perceptive advertisement, offer to the celebrities and vast-layer regalement. Current Traffic Situation Increasingly, we are observing that influencesets are subjoined the exemplar of frameal consumer electronics; the bear is inside phones delay mendd presages at inferior appraisements. Simultaneously, there are aggravate compositionrs who obtain influence worthlesser influencesets to detain the lump traffic. Multipower cell phones, e-mail pur-poses are increasingly received today. Arrive-at palliate phone is very abundant fascinating therefore it is Very abundant lenient to use and race can browse the website enjoy they browse in a laptop computer. Race is accordingly aggravate warm. So it is vastly discernible that there obtain be lumpive require for such phones in the coming. To compel traffic divide in the dynamic environment, Samsung must carefully target Specific sections delay presages that influence benefits valued by each customer collocation. Traffic Description Samsung Wave II arrive-at pad phone’s pristine target consumers are childish race. It is very abundant fascinating for ward therefore of it’s vast arrive-at palliate which could be used as a influence Held palmtop. It foods Wi-Fi technology so race can transport their documents and other momentous refine through this phone enjoy a workstation. In the anticipation of Bangladesh race can vastly instructor the Stock traffic agitate through its proud-speed Internet technology. Other users are entrepreneurs and authoritatives. It is very abundant worthless in collate delay an apple I-phone. Emanation Review The Samsung Wave II S8530 (or "Samsung Wave II") is the Successor f Samsung Wave S8500 piercingphone ordinary the bada 1. 2 at-liberty rule pur-posened by Samsung, which was commercially released on October, 2010. [1][2][3] The Wave is a lax arrive-atpalliate phone swayed by Samsung's "Hummingbird" CPU (S5PC110), which includes 1 GHz ARM Cortex-8 CPU and a cogent built-in PowerVR SGX 540 graphics engine, "Super LCD" palliate and 720p proud-definition video detain capabilities. Our Emanation Samsung Wave II piercing phone offers the subjoined consistard presages Delay a bada 1. 2 at-liberty rule Hardware presages Tenure - The speakerphone is immense. It was very vociferous and free. Meeting tenure was as-courteous lenient. Unintermittently you've fixd your assist allure, an icon appears to meeting the two allures. It can conjoined 20 allures at unintermittently and had no uneasiness swapping and privation men-folks from the meeting. Intent The phone is made of for-the-most-deal-out metal debasement and is measured at 10. 9 mm inspissated. In provisions of ardispose element, it is a slate mode featuring solely 3 natural buttons on the front: allure, reject/ shutdown, and ocean menu button. The ergonomically pur-posened substance as-courteous executes it aggravate commodious to trust. Palliate The palliate is a 3. -inch (94 mm) capacitive arrive-atpalliate Super LCD delay an anti-smudge oleophobic integument on top of the scratch-resistant tempered-glass (Gorilla Glass Display) arrive-at panel which has been professionn to be suitable of steming ultimate abrasion (scratch-resistant). The palliate conaccount is 800x480 WVGA. [4] Processor The phone presages a 1 GHz SoC,[5] which delayin contains an ARM Cortex A8 CPU kernel that is selfselfsimilar to the ARM Cortex CPU kernel used in Apple's A4 advise on advise SoC. [6][7] The Phone graphics engine is SGX 540 which is said to be suitable of generating 90 pet triangles per assist (selfsimilar as the SoC used on the Samsung Galaxy S). And 512MB RAM (selfsimilar hardware as Samsung Wave S8500). Camera The phone presages a 5 megapixel which foods 2592 x 1944 pixels, parallel delay autofocus, LED smoulder, Geo-tagging, countenance, ignore race, effigy stabilization, arrive-at nucleus,etc. Other than these presages it has manifold bifurcationing modes such as loveliness shot, countenance shot, uniform, panorama and vintage shot. As a camcorder it is able to bifurcation 720p HD annalsing (1280x720) at 30 FPS delay smoulder. As courteous as this, it is as-courteous able to annals late turbidity video (320x240) at 120 FPS delay smoulder. Other presages Other presage includes A-GPS, 2 GB/8 GB of inside storage delay a microSDHC slot for an appended 32 GB. It as-courteous has a magnetometer, a neighborhood sensor, an accelerometer, 5. 1-channel circumscribe probe Inconstant Theater, music recollection, a fake allure employment, piercing quest, Collective Hub and it is the primeval phone to food Bluetooth account 3. 0. In abstracted to Bluetooth 3. 0, the phone as-courteous presages Wi-Fi 802. 11 b/g/n, HSDPA 3. 2 Mbit/s and HSUPA 2 Mbit/s. This phone is conducive delay twain European/Asia 3G bandings and the North American 3G bandings. Software Features User Intercountenance The phone is one of the few piercingphone to presage the Samsung bada at-liberty rule platform. The UI is Samsung's own Touchwiz 3. 0. Touchwiz 3. 0, enjoy the 2 predecessors (Touchwiz 2. 0 and Touchwiz), utilises widgets. The 3 most noted widgets pre-installed in Touchwiz 3. 0 are Daily Briefing (which includes all indispensable scholarship such as sphere, finance, AP inconstant instruction and catalogue), Feeds and Updates and Buddies now (which allows users to allure, impel texts to and discaggravate Facebook/Twitter feeds off their favourite contacts). Users are known to enjoy up to 10 homescreens to add widgets. Applications In provisions of Internet Browser, Samsung Wave is pre-installed delay Dolphin Browser v2. 0 (established on WebKit). While this browser foods Smoulder it is disabled by lapse to mend page advise interval. By lapse, the phone comes delay Picsel Viewer which is suitable of discovering . pdf and Microsoft Office refine arrangeats. Users from chosen countries can buy and downadvise Picsel Office Editor from Samsung Apps. As for Samsung apps, users can as-courteous downadvise contacts, games and widgets from the contact hoard. Other software includes the GPS software that comes delay this phone (LBS Route 66), Palringo IM, Facebook, Twitter, collective hub, mini diary, daily pettying, memo, video player, FM radio, instrument browser, presageification annalser, e-mail and pre-installed asphalt5. Instrument Food MP3, AAC, AAC+, e-AAC+, WMA, AMR, WAV, MP4, FLAC, MPEG4, H. 263, H. 264, WMV, AVI, DivX, XviD, MK Competitive OVERVIEW Players There are currently foul-mouthed tiers of players in the influenceset traffic: · Tier 1: Nokia, Samsung and Apple · Tier 2: Motorol and Ericsson · Tier 3: Alcatel, Siemens etc · Tier 4: the rest Nokia swept into the traffic, balancetaking twain Motorola and Ericsson to end the vastst influenceset sales during 1998. Samsung succeeding a petty labor despite Nokia and apple finally got a vast divide of customer. The ask-for of Motorola to agitate from analog to digital and of Ericsson to chase modish intents enabled Nokia’s traffic collocation to mend. Since then, twain Motorola and Ericsson enjoy been unsavoryly open catch- up, attempting to leverage their strengths in technology and semiconductors to onslaught Nokia’s divide in the balanceall universe traffic. Tier 3 companies afford to a inferior-end, inferior-margin traffic. Relative closing of economies of layer, emanation dispose, and mark equity execute traffic betterity or polite-balanced analogy a very hard defy for these smaller players. However, Samsung – delay its new tawdry intent and technology – is courteous collocationed in the emerging piercing phone traffic, and is suitable of intimidating the vastr two companies (nokia and apple). Collate betwixt Samsung Wave-II and I-phone Therefore the vast chunk of traffic section who prefers Smartphone is detaind by the apple’s I-phone. We should enjoy a ended scholarship what the i-phone offers as courteous as Samsung wave-II [pic] |[pic] | |Features |Apple I-phone |Samsung Wave-II | |Overview |Touchscreen, Scratch Resistant Oleophobic Surface, |LCD Capacitive Touchscreen,Scratch Resistant Oleophobic| | |Multi Arrive-at Input Method, Three Axis Gyro Sensor, |Surface,Accelerometer Sensor for Auto-rotate, | | |MicroSIM card food solely, 5 MP Camera, TV-out, |Handwriting recollection,Multi-arrive-at Input Method,5 MP | | |Audio/Video player, Data Transport 3G, EDGE, GPS, |Camera,MP4 Player,Stereo FM | | |Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HTML Browser, Google Maps |radio,TV-Out,3G,EDGE,GPS,Bluetooth,Wi-Fi ,HTML | | | |Browser,Bada OS | |Operating Rule |iOS 4 (established on Mac OS) |Bada OS 1. | |Processor Speed |1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor, PowerVR SGX535GPU, |ARM Cortex A8 1GHz processor | | |Apple A4 chipset | | |2G network |GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 |GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 | |3G network |HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100 |HSDPA 900 / 2100 | |Dimensions |115. x 58. 6 x 9. 3 mm |123. 9 x 59. 8 x 11. 8 mm | |Weight |137 g |135 g | |Display Size |3. 5 inches, LED-backlit IPS TFT, capacitive |3. 7 inches,Super Free LCD capacitive arrive-atscreen, 16M | | |touchscreen, 16M colors |colors | |Resolution |640 x 960 pixels |480 x 800 pixels |Music Player |MP3 ,WAV,AAC, AIFF, AAC Protected, MP3 VBR,Audible |MP3/WAV/WMA/eAAC+ player | | |(formats 2-4),Apple Lossless, Music play-Up to 40 | | | |hours | | |Radio |No |Stereo FM radio delay RDS, FM annalsing | |Camera |5 MP, 2592 x 1944 pixels, autofocus, LED smoulder, |5 MP, 2592 x 1944 pixels, autofocus, LED smoulder | | |Secondary: video tenure camera balance Wi-Fi solely | | |Video |[email protected], LED video characterless, geo-tagging,Video |[email protected],Video | | |Player-MPEG4, H. 264, MOV |Player-MP4,MKV,H. 263,H. 64,WMV,Xvid,DivX | |Internal |16 GB storage |2 GB storage | |Slot micro sd |No |microSD up to 32GB, 2GB card mean | |Battery |Standard battery, Li-Po 1420mAh |Standard battery, Li-Ion 1500 mAh | |Talk Interval |Up to 14 h (2G) / Up to 7 h (3G) |Up to 13 hours | |Blue Tooth |v2. 1 delay A2DP |v3. 0 delay A2DP | |USB |v2. 0 |microUSB v2. 0 | |GPRS |Class 10 |Class 10 | |EDGE |Class 10 |Class 10 | |Wlan & Wifi |Wi-Fi 802. 1 b/g/n |Wi-Fi 802. 11 b/g/n | |3G |HSDPA, 7. 2 Mbps; HSUPA, 5. 76 Mbps |HSDPA 3. 6 Mbps; HSUPA, 2 Mbps | |GPS |Yes, A-GPS food |A-GPS food, Samsung Inconstant Navigator | |Document viewer |Yes(don’t food Microsoft advise) |Yes(pdf,word,XL) | |Price per ace |BDT 55000/- |BDT 20000/- | Samsung Wave-II SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths Having the fresh technology balance the competitors in the inconstant phone toil – Decentralized aggregation construction, innovative and supposititious employees and Charismatic cogent head – One of the best traffic headship in the inconstant toil – Cogent mark call and aggregation effigy in the global traffic – Has its own comlie and network – Emanation reversal – Economy of layer Weaknesses – Complacency and discourtesy – Few customized operator-specific influencesets – Few alliances, aggregation sticks to its consisting in the traffic, do not lack to exalt delay the operators Opportunities – The emerging traffic in enucleateing countries, such as China, India, Bangladesh – The emerging traffic for proud-end inconstant phone such as interest user phone Threats – Facing aggravate new competitors, especially from Asia – Stronger buyer sway from the network operators – Lost traffic divide – Cogent race in inconstant toil Objectives We enjoy set unsavory but achievable externals for the primeval and assist years of traffic entrance. • First-year externals: During the Samsung wave-II moderate year on the traffic, we are aiming for a 40 percent divide of the Bangladesh piercing phone traffic through ace sales capacity of 1,00,000 aces. • Second-year externals: Our assist-year externals are to end a 60 percent divide established on sales of two models and to end break-well-balanced coming in this bound. Traffic Segmentation Our target traffic is oceanly nucleused on childish and authoritative race delay a influence for technology which is conducive in a proportionately worthless appraisement. There is a customer prorefine as follows: Age: 14 – 25, 25 – 35, 35 + Gender : Male & Female Family Life Cycle: Young, separate, married, married delay offspring, older, under18. Occupation: Authoritative and technical, managers, officials and proprietors, canonical, sales, craftspeople, balanceseer, Operatives, farmers, sole, wards, homemakers, lazy. Collective Class: Inferior Lowers, eminent inferiors, established dispose, mean dispose, eminent resources, eminent eminents Monthly income: Under Over10,000 Taka Size of possible traffic : Total population of Bangladesh. Geographical Location: Rural, Semi-Urban, and Urban User status: Possible user, primeval interval users & frameal users Usage rate: Characterless user, mean user & afflictive user. Readiness stage: Aware, certified, careful, prompt and intending to buy Marketing Management Positioning In 2007 Samsung Telecommunication Interest reported balance 40% enlargement and became the assist vastst inconstant pur-pose compositionr in the universe. [1] Its traffic divide was 14% in Q4 2007, developing up ardispose 11. 3% in Q4 2006. [2] In Q1 2008 Samsung strengthened its assist collocation on the traffic and endd 15. 6% universe influenceset traffic divide. So as per the interest touching Bangladesh Samsung is already endd a amiable traffic divide succeeding Nokia. Emanation Management • The crop of a emanation delay global refer • Nimble agitate to hawk it internationally Most momentously, a commitment to attainments what consumers lack, delayout importance of the limits of massive technology • Best inconstant pur-poses for integralone disregarding the appraisement and geography • Internet employments on inconstant pur-poses • Interest mobility traffics • Unintermittently the better interest pur-poses are make-knownd, Corporate users obtain engage employment of the stforce and reversal • Low require innovative pur-poses in the emerging traffics obtain originate income due to the mark allegiance • Introducing the pur-pose for interest solutions, better from its competitors • Giving SDK(software crop kit) to the enucleateers to enucleate aggravate contacts on its new OS platardispose • Introducing low require ,innovative, pur-poses in the emerging traffics • Leading Mark Pricing management Samsung Wave-II piercing phone obtain be make-knownd at BDT 20000/- per ace in collate delay Apple-iphone, which requires BDT 55000/- per ace. Though it is not better than I-phone but it could Outrun some power of I-phone enjoy as we enjoy mentioned in our foregoing argument. Distribution Management In Bangladesh by exceptive distributor Samsung could exalt the traffic and as-courteous by instrument Advertisement. Samsung could as-courteous exalt the consumers delay knee co-operation delay greater Carriers enjoy Grameenphone and Banglalink. Marketing Communication Management • At TV Advertisement • At Radio Advertisement: • At Outdoor Advertisement: • At Press Conference: Action Program The Samsung Wave-II obtain make-known in February 2012. Through a course of catalogued program Samsung obtain propel out its trafficing management and end its externals. A monthly cause element encircling these programs are absorbed under February 2012 • We obtain inaugurate a great total occupation sales preferment ad. Engagement to teach dealers and originate turbidity for the emanation enlarge. • Impel catalogs & brochures to 50000 enjoyly customers • Set-up professionrooms • Collect samples emanation reviewers, impression heads and celebrities as the deal-out of our open association management. • Create own website. March 2012 • Collecting trafficing scholarship. Start an integrated print/radio/TV/ Internet engagement targeting consumers. • Launching Samsung Wave-II April 2012 • Study consumer atonement and establish opportunities. Budget [pic] Total primeval-year income : Tk. 200 Kernel sales capacity: 100,000 mean unimpairedsale appraisement : Tk. 20000/- per ace. Variable require per ace : TK 2500 for aces Samsung Wave-II projects sales of Tk 60 Lac on 1st pity and therefore Tk. 60 Lac, Tk. 40 Lac and Tk. 40 Lac Estimated primeval-year unwandering requires: TK. 170 Kernel Break Well-balanced consideration = TK. 1700000000 /TK. (20000-2500) = 97143 Units(approximated) Controls There should be a tense instructoring rule in integral flatten of preventive from top to depth. We obtain carefully instructor customer atonement through our emanation and customer employment Center. Any presage of disconnection obtain be corrected through our proudly employmentable manpower. Further pur-pose has been enucleateed in the treatment of stern appraisement downgrading. CONCLUSIONS Samsung must rethink its strategies if it is to reocean victoryful. The fresh economic latedown coupled delay hovering traffic saturation and the require for increased powerality, is origin to dramatically alter the influenceset traffic. Samsung should engage unsavory measures to stem commoditization if it is to develop and live substance advantageous. We enjoy outlined some ways that it can end this. Its mark has proven to be one of its most precious effects, and Samsung should live edifice it. Samsung must as-courteous entirely request evolving customer needs and collect a express inclination for mark unanalogousiation. Finally, by arrangeing strategic alliances delay toil and employment collectrs, Samsung can secure and maximize its examination to the end- user. Samsung as-courteous needs to fetch new emanations to traffic, and, as the traffic is professioning presages of saturation, displace its nucleus onto the reanimation traffic. This resources enucleateing data-driven employments and divert deal-outnerships delay contenteded collectrs. There singly needs to be an inducement for massive influenceset owners to dissipation a new Samusng influenceset.