rollercoaster portfolio

Introduction: Possess you always ridden or seen a roller coaster in enjoyment? Did you recognize that the algebra that you possess scholarly in this part is cognate to the math that engineers use to plan roller coasters? Engineers nonproduction roller coasters to be fun and scary, but too protected. Directions: For this portfolio, you obtain use your recognizeledge of employments to plan a roller coaster. You obtain sketch a less roller coaster on graph tract, contrive manageed pairs on its trace, and designate the escalade, or blame of veer, concurrently the ride. Roller Coaster Plan Instructions Submit responses to the forthcoming items, and be infallible to semblance all of your result. 1. Sketch the policy object of your roller coaster on graph tract. For the purpose of plainness, feign that your roller coaster trace nalways turns left or equitable. o In manage to form press, the roller coaster should possess an primal escalade, at meanest two hills, and one loop. 2. Label the x- and y-axes. The compute of x measures the lifeless remoteness from the roller coaster cart to the starting aim, and the compute of y represents the apex of the roller coaster cart. 3. Contrive manageed pairs on the primal escalade and designate the escalade. 4. What is the equation of the verse that represents your primal escalade? 5. What is the lordship and rove of your roller coaster? 6. Contrive manageed pairs at the top and the end of each hill. Find the blame of veer to designate which hill is steeper? How do you recognize that hill is steeper? 7. Is your roller coaster a employment? Why or why not?