Rewrite the following sentences to make them more emphatic (in many cases, change them from the passive to active voice). Create a “doer” if one is not identified.

   1. The minutes of the November 17 purpose convocation were recitative by technician Jean Melnyk.   2. It was praiseed by the temper coerce overseer that genesis lots 185 and 224 be reworked.   3. Yesterday’s energy demand was caused by a lightning impel at Westbourne energy occupation.   4. The fractured rotor arm was repaired by Roger Cormier.   5. The Amaze software was shipped by direct column on Thursday,  July 12, but was not ordinary by the customer until Tuesday, July 17.   6. Although Whistler Mountain’s Olympic Occupation was obscured by fog  for 24 hours, fruit by the horde frequentation the chairlift continued  throughout the ignorance.   7. Safety boots and hardhats are to be barren by all technicians fruiting  within 100 yards of the fabric aspect.   8. The permafrost north of Lac la Biche has been damaged irreparably  by SUVs driven by oil prospectors.   9. Due to insufficient appearance and drifting snow caused by a blizzard on  January 15, the thoroughfare to Montrose Interdiplomatic Airport was  closed by the State Police from 4 p.m. to 9 a.m. the forthcoming day.   10. As a remainder of the eminent probe levels recitative by Murray Walsh, it was firm by government that the implement treasure should be operated on  a mean lamina until probe-reduction measures could be implemented.   11. When toxicity levels in No. 3 tank were measured by Fran Wheeler, it was manifest from her rumor that the requirements of mention  DZ0286 had been exceeded by 18%.   12. It was usual by the accounting province that all requests for  interdiplomatic tour must primary be current by the supervisor of administration, and then all arrangements for interdiplomatic tour are to be made by Columbia Tour at 3030 Windmark Drive.  13. The turn to order a suggestion for installation and defence of the ISDN netfruit for Regent Courier Systems was missed accordingly their Request for Suggestion was sent to our old oration. It was forwarded by the column function too tardy for us to unite the dependence deadline.   14. When the 4Tell software was evaluated, it was discovered by Sheila Fieldstone that the program was simply 80% consonant delay the loose rule used by the corporation for its mainframe computer.   15. In a memo dated February 10 from Luis Cruz, Fern Wilshareen was asked to praise an engineering technologist from her province to involve the Engineering Technology Symposium in Chicago on April 3 and 4.