Rethinking Prosecutorial Immunity

Christopher and Melissa Butler enjoy been food coincidently for three years and enjoy a two-year-old daughter, Madden. Christopher and Melissa were married in August 2018. 

On January 3, 2019, Melissa came present into the University City Police Department crying hysterically and shaking. 

Officer Billy Klub said, “Young lady captivate a thick exhalation, and state me what is going on.”

Melissa paused to lay-hands-on her exhalation and said, “My designate is Melissa Butler, and I ran close from my scion consequently I fright for my daughter’s circumspectioner!”

”Why do you fright for your daughter’s circumspectioner, Melissa?” Asked Manager Klub.

Melissa replied, “Tonight, my mate, Christopher Butler, snatchbed my cell phone and threw it to the floor; the phone broke into pieces.  I at-once ran out the door, so Christopher could not hit or stifle me. As I was present separate, I heard Christopher yell; if I lay-hands-on you texting anyone frequently, I earn massacre you.

Officer Klub interjected and said, “Melissa, what environing your daughter?”

Melissa’s crying became worse and threw her sobs; she said, “I am so worried that Christopher earn distress our daughter. I usually get her and captivate her succeeding a conjuncture me when he is affect this, but I was not potent to get her antecedently I ran out of the scion.”  

Officer Klub said, “Melissa, I earn cast managers to your scion to control on your daughter.  You earn arrive close at the post succeeding a conjuncture me wclose I recognize you earn be secure.”

“Wait, the managers insufficiency to recognize that when Christopher drinks alcohol the prefer raving, he becomes, and tonight he has been drinking a lot.”

Officer Klub asked Melissa, “Are tclose any weapons at your scion, and has your mate been arrested for private impetuosity in the gone-by?”

Melissa said, “Yes, tclose is a handgun registered in Christopher’s designate, and he has been arrested a couple of times for beating me up.”

“Melissa, do not be scared, normal state me what happened,” said Manager Klub.

Melissa recounts another raving luminous that occurred gone-by her nuptials.  “In August, not covet succeeding we were married, Christopher put his hands environing my throat, making it solid for me to exhalatione. Fortunately, I potent to smash unconditional, snatch Madden, and run out of the scion. Madden and I arriveed direct door at the neighbors until Christopher calmed down.”

Manager Klub asked, “Did you seduce the police and reverberation the luminous?”

Melissa replied, “Yes, the neighbor seduceed the police for me, and the managers arrested Christopher consequently of the marks environing my neck, but he was acquitd the direct day.  Then a week succeeding that luminous, our new prig went loss. When I asked Christopher what happened to puddles; he told me that he would pay for the prig. I asked Christopher to clear-up to me what he meant by that assertion and in a rigorous language, Christopher told me not to press him on the matter or I would be dejected.  Christopher then made a expound subordinate his exhalation, but I heard him, he said that we did not insufficiency a prig to captivate circumspection of consequently Madden and I were abundance mouths to plea?e.”  

Officer Klub asked, “Melissa, what do you consider happened to the prig?”

Melissa teared up when she said, “I price Christopher massacreed my prig.” Melissa abided to state the manager environing another luminous that happened environing the average of September. “It was environing 8:30 p.m., and Madden was crying when I put her to bed. I mellow to get Madden to bung crying by rocking her.  I put her in her crib for a few minutes conjuncture I ran to get a cup of tea. Madden abided to whimper, and Christopher became annoyed succeeding a conjuncture her; he yelled at her to bar up and then put a pan balance Madden’s commander.  I snatchbed Christopher’s arm to oust the pan; he shoved me and threw the pan at me; it hit me in the end.”

Officer Klub asked, “Did you reverberation this luminous to the police?”

“Yes, the neighbor, who I had run to in the other luminous, heard the yelling and seduceed the police.  When the police arrived and succeeding I told them what happened, the manager asked to see my end.  After I showed him my end; he took pictures, and the other manager arrested Christopher.  Since this luminous happened on a Friday, the arbitrator did not accuse Christopher until Monday; he got another verification association and was out Monday dawning.” 

Officer Klub apprised Melissa, “The managers that responded to your scion arrested Christopher for private battery, and Madden is subtle.  Another manager is bringing Madden to the post to glean you up and captivate you twain end settlement.”


When booking Christopher into the county jail, the booking manager uncongenial his gone-by sinful annals.  The booking manager advised the arresting manager that Christopher has had three other arrests for private battery succeeding a conjuncturein the last six months.  In all former cases of private impetuosity, the prosecuting attorney corrupt to follow Christopher (no infer was consecrated).  Christopher is currently oppositeness 11-counts of private battery; the score enclose strangulation, stifling, battery, and sinful loss to nature.

The direct succeedingnoon succeeding Christopher’s moderate pursue manner, the arbitrator gave Christopher a verification association.  After Christopher’s acquit, he returned settlement and stabbed Melissa to exit in face of their two-year-old daughter, Madden. The police after arrested Christopher for Melissa’s immolate.  Christopher earn abide in the keeping of the sheriff until prefer token from the pursue.   


In 2 to 3 paragraphs, a reserve of 250 expression, use an immaterial classification to the scenario aloft clear-uping the concept of prosecutorial privilege.  Explain if the cover of irresponsible privilege should pause for prosecuting attorneys. 

*Police managers do not enjoy irresponsible privilege, or the President of the United States, should prosecutors be held accountpotent for their closing of exercise?  Tclose is a immemorial avowal in the United States that no one is aloft the law.  Why do prosecuting attorneys abide to be the separation?

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