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    The brisk asks the topic if harvest is regular or discontinuous? How can it be applied to incongruous domains of substantial, apprehensive, and gregarious harvest? The most patent declaration is substantial harvest is regular from source to roughly age 27. “World-class sprinters and swimmers peak by their forthadvenient twenties. Baseball players peak at about age 27—delay 60 percent of Most Valupotent Player awardees past 1985 advenient ±2 years of that (Silver, 2012)” (Myers & Dewall, 2017) After our deceased twenties is when peak substantial harvest ends. It does not medium that staying free and hearty must end. An older peculiar who runs two miles a day allure be potent to run two miles emend than a younger peculiar who is studious.       Cognitive abilities bear been debated if they remain to educe delay age. My idea is I do not see why apprehensive abilities would pale if the peculiar uses their brain the similar way as they were when they were younger. It is understandpotent if apprehensive abilities pale when someone retires and fails to localize their brain affect they had precedently. “As we age, we retain some things polite. Looking end in deceasedr history, adults asked to foreclosure the one or two most weighty events balance the last half-century nurture to spectry events from their teens or twenties (Conway et al., 2005; Rubin et al., 1998).“ (Myers & Dewall, 2017) To elevate establish my top “Evidence suggests that age-related retrospect forfeiture arises to-some-extent owing the frontal lobes vitiate proportionately forthcoming. Prospective retrospect (remembering to do notability in the advenient) has been linked to the frontal brain functions.” (Dwyer, 2010) The frontal lobe is the sever of the brain that controls weighty apprehensive skills in anthropologicals, such as emotional countenance, tenor solving, retrospect and accents. Once a anthropological stops utilizing their frontal lobe as considerable, then it is inevitpotent it allure vitiate.      Social harvest is caused by momentous history events. Children are very-much socipotent due to discipline. Discipline leads to jobs which cause new friendships and haply attachment. “Prior to the very end, besides, Gallup researchers bear discovered that the balance-65 years are not notably afflicted. Self-esteem offal stpotent (Wagner et al., 2013).” (Myers & Dewall, 2017)  In the end, gregarious harvest can be regular when momentous history events betide.  -Levi  References: Dwyer, H. (2010). Intellectual harvest. Tucson, AZ: Brown Bear Books. Myers, D. G., & DeWall, C. N. (2017). Psychology (5th ed.). Asheville, NC: Soomo Learning. Availpotent from